24" Bedford/Profile MUni for sale

Sadly to say, I am selling my MUni. I haven’t been able to justify the investment considering how little I’ve used it and my road bike has been calling too strongly over the past year.

So, here is what is on the table:

  • Bedford frame, chrome (no powder coat)
  • 24" Alex DX32 rim (completely true, no flat spots)
  • Profile hub and 145mm cranks
  • Miyata seat, no cracks in the handle
  • Roach seat cover w/ air pillow (both from Unicycle.com)
  • Sun Ringle pedals (have all pegs, removable w/ a phillips screwdriver – bearings are great)
  • Stout 24" tire
  • Intense DH tube
  • 3-bolt seat clamp
  • comes with a 3" Fireball tire as well

I paid around $1200 CAD for all of this, I’m asking $750 CAD obo. I’m not out to rip anyone off but I think I’m justified in asking this price as it’s a high-quality MUni in excellent condition with some decent extras.

If you want to see some pictures of it when I first bought it (it now has the Roach seat cover on it), look here:
http://gallery.unicyclist.com/eli (there is some other stuff mixed in with the MUni pics, but I’m sure you can pick out the right ones).

I bought this MUni from Darren (Bedford, for those of you who don’t know him) last February, rode it in the Toque Games at the Toronto Bike Show, rode it for another couple months and then retired it to my basement. I left it at home when I came back to Hamilton for school, and it hung there for the entirety of this year.

It’s clean, has a few chips off the chrome on the cranks, virtually no marks on the rim or frame. I’ll be able to grab a digital camera and take some pictures to email to anyone who’s interested. Just PM me or email me, chiassew@mcmaster.ca

I’ll be shipping it from Nova Scotia. I just looked into shipping a bike across the country (from Vancouver) and it looked like CanadaPost would charge about $30, so shipping shouldn’t be too bad–I’m not sure about the US, but again, I can’t see it being terrible.


Re: 24" Bedford/Profile MUni for sale

On Fri, 7 May 2004 12:53:00 -0500, “michaeli” wrote:

>Sadly to say, I’m selling my MUni.

This looks like the same person that offered to print and distribute
MUni spotting T-shirts, received money from several people and then
failed to send (at least according to the latest info I have). See the
“MUni spotting” thread in January 2004.

>michaeli - Trust me… I know.

Yeah right.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

Clearly a system of 1/14 and 1/16 is not decimal - Mikefule on the English weight system

Yes, Klaas, that would be me.

Not having done so already, I do want to apologise for dropping the MUnispotting t-shirts without being in contact with anyone.

I was organising the printing of them towards the end of last year, which was all told a pretty crappy time for me. My mother passed away the summer before, I was in the middle of failing most of my classes at university and up to my neck in stuff with friends and family. I didn’t have time to finish them before I had to fly 1500kms home to Nova Scotia and deal with the life I’d been avoiding for eight months.

As for money I received, I got one cheque from Sofa which I never cashed (and still have here, if you want it back Brian, but the money never came out of the account). I even still have all the envelopes I bought to ship the shirts to people. I’m not a scammer (I’ve ridden once with Sofa, hopefully he’ll be able to tell you I’m a decent guy, but maybe not), I’m just someone who tried to take on a project at more or less the complete wrong time.

So, if you still can’t trust me, I don’t know there’s much else I can say. If you can, I’m more than willing to sell you my MUni.