24" Bc w/arrow rim

Sup unicyclers,

Selling this thing, never got ridden.

u have a pool


An hour to go people! place your bids! This is a killer deal. The rim alone is worth 70 bucks.

Still forsale, just not on ebay, make offers.

il buy the pool lol

Oh haha, very funny. Get the hell out of my thread.

If I could ride a bc, I’d jump on it…but I’ve never tried, and I’m not even sure how much I’d like it. Is the tire really pink?

Yes its pink.

whoo bud just trying to keep it from getting berried

Even doen’t apreciate niceities :wink:

hah so true and i was only trying to it in a fun way

send niceities to other people. then you may get more friends :slight_smile:
(trust me this worksish)

so how big is the pool lol jk, niiiice rim, if i were 20 years older and had a job id buy it.

how much and does it come with the pedal type things? I live in cali what about shipping

100 for the wheel. (a steal taking into effect the rim costs 80.)

No plates.

do you know how much the plates are or a cheeper place to buy them because i have seen them for 40 also what makes it a bc wheel is the coaster hub?

i’ll buy it!

OMG just what i been looking for…i checked on ebay but it say the bid has ended…i’m not very ebay adept…how much is it goin for?


ohh sorry just saw the post up there…100 bucks huh sounds pretty good
i’m definately interested…how is the transaction supposed to go down?

I like to use paypal, its fast. You pay me, i ship next day.

Pm me if you are intrested. Need to sell this.