24" Axis Unicycle

Hey everybody,
I realized yesterday that it’s been a long time since I’ve been poking around the forums and even longer since I was posting. I have been trying to clear some of the clutter out of my shed and decided that it’s time to say goodbye to some of my collection. Today I’m selling my 24" standard unicycle. I bought it for the 2007 UniNats to compete in races and since then I’ve not really used it because when I’m out I’m on my trials uni. I put the uni on eBay but if the listing finishes and nobody buys it I’ll take offers from my fellow unicyclists here. I’m located just near Melbourne and I’m happy to travel into the city to meet for a pick up, but I’d rather not have to post - though if that’s the only way I can get it to you then I’ll have to find out shipping rates.

Here’s the link to the eBay page.


Anybody want to make an offer?