24" and crank lengths

I got 165’s with my kh24f and they feel 2 long though I’m sure they great for hills, but i just put on my 140’s and they are murder.

A lot of effort to do anything, so I’m thinking about 150’s, anyone use them on their 24"?

Yes loads of people do. It’s pretty much the “normal” length for muni, apart from the people who use 170s for really technical stuff.

I have them on my 24" and 26" and they are fine, good manouvrability, hills - no problem.

I’ve also got them on my 20" which give great leverage but are a bit too long so I’m thinking of 140s for that, want to swap? What kind of cranks are they?


Hi Zippy, since i’ve been reading this forum (2 years now) there have been Loads of threads about crank sizes, for example.

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Personally I have 170’s on my 24 as that is what they came with, I also have some 140’s which i tested at one point. I would like some 150’s but can’t get them for my KH (2004 model).

You might jut need a bit of time to get used to the 140s. I normally use 140s and the first time I tried 170s I could hardly ride at all, but after a little while I was fine with them.

Although it would be nice to have three different crank options to choose from, so maybe you should just get the 150s as well!

I used to ride 140mm cranks on my 24" Muni, they were ok for moderately technical stuff. I also had 152s at one point which seemed a good comprimise if you’re not going to go too technical. I also had 170s at one point and have settled on 165s for technical riding.

well i’m considering looking for a swap with anyone for 155 with my 165


Take the longer length and divide it by the shorter

e.g. 170/150 = 1.13

Multiply by 100

e.g. 1.13 x 100 = 113

Subtract 100

e.g. 113 - 100 = 13

That simple.

The answer is how much longer the longer cranks are as a percentage.

On a road bicycle, the gears are around 10-12% apart.

So with a step change of crank length, often the difference is no more than about a change of gear on a bicycle.

Which means we are often talking about optimizing or fine tuning, not major changes.

I started with 170s on an old steel KH 24. I changed to a Wilder/Profile and 165s, and eventually 160s. I got a second Muni ('06 KH 24) with 150s, and am just starting to get used to that set up.

We ride technical stuff and at first the larger platform of the 160s (and larger) felt more stable, but over time you can get used to the 150s and the obvious advantages (speed, easier to spin out big drop/roll outs, higher profile and less pedal clanks on rocks-that’s a big one–cha cha cha).

Climbing with 150s is a little harder but quite possible. All told, there’s a leraning curve in using 150s on super hard tech. stuff. On anything else save grinding uphills, using the longer cranks is a disadvantage IMO.


i think 160s or 165s are the best compromise for a 24 muni. not too long but still good for hills.