24" and 28" ultimate wheels

Here’s my latest video, this time with 2 ultimate wheels:

Impressive! I need to get me one of these…would you recommend starting with the 24" or the 28"? Thanks!

Nice video.

I have been interested in an ultimate wheel myself. Between the 24" and 28" does one feel any smoother or more comfortable to ride?

Thanks for your comments!

When I was buying my first ultimate wheel about a year ago I read that it’s better to start with 28", so I bought that first. I learned basic riding quite easily because I had trained seat drag riding with my 20" unicycle. For anyone wanting to learn uw I would suggest first training with normal unicycle: first riding seat out and then seat drag.

Now I think that 24" is slightly easier to control in trick riding as the smaller wheel makes it more responsive. I would say that for a newbie there is not a big difference between 24" and 28". However, a tire you choose will make a difference. The tire will rub your leg a lot, especially in the beginning when you are learning normal riding. Having a slick tire makes riding a lot easier. There are more tire alternatives for 28", which is good to take into account when you choose your first wheel.

If you start riding one, consider using ankle support. The ankles will be under totally different stress compared to “normal” unicycling. I used to have slight ankle pain at times, but the problem went away after I bought ankle brace.

Amazing video!

Excellent performance - I liked very much your standstill - wow!
In addition, you have a great taste in music - I liked that trance track very much :slight_smile:
When I listen to such tunes it makes me grab my Uni and go out for a ride…
Keep up the good work!