24" 48 hole wide rim?

Does anyone know where I can find a wide 24" 48 hole rim? I was hoping to get a sun doublewide but I just got off the phone with them and they don’t make a 48 hole version (custom order I’d have to order 1000 of them)

I’d really like something in the 43-48mm width range but the only thing I’ve found close was a Halo rim but it’s only 38mm.

There has to be something out there…

BX-38? That’s what I have on my Qu-Ax. Not sure how wide it is or where you can get it from, though.

This wasn’t very helpful, I suppose.

the DB-45 qu-ax rim is what is on the qu-ax 24" splined muni.

Maybe speak to someone from municycle.com or unicycle.co.uk or even qu-ax to get one since they dont seem to belisted as spares.

the DB45 rim is 45mm

I have the splined 24" qu-ax and I’m pretty sure it says BX-38 on the rim.

I dont think you’re going to find a wider, 48 hole rim than the Halo.

well i thought it was the bx-38 too, but here it says otherwise,


and the picture doesnt look like its a BX38

Yeah the BX-38 is exactly what I have now but it’s only 37-38mm wide. (and my rim has probs)

The DB-45 seems to be what I need… now I just have to find who sells them.

Thanks guys

edit: brendan I found one of the udc pages that said the DB45 was a part of the “new and improved” qu-ax muni.

Hmm, I guess they put a different one on for the downhill version.

ah right sommit else that makes that uni rock…

damn that uni was such a good buy at £185

Found one.

Thanks Roland for hooking me up.