24" -26" Unicycle

It’s going to be my frist one and I want something that can be used for everything, off roading, and trials and all. I am looking to spend maybe like $125 but it is negotiable.

Where are you located? It would be better if you could find something close by because shipping costs would eat up a chunk of your budget.

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You might find that your budget will be a bit low for a uni that will provide the range that you are wanting to get involved in.

Any serious off roading or trials will require something fairly strong and as a first uni you might find that a 24" or 26" will be a bit large for trials riding. A decent 24" with a splined axle is going to come in around the $300.00 + mark. Shopping for a used uni is certainly an option but the price will still be close to that $300.00 mark.

Best of luck in your riding and your search for the perfect unit.

Oh alright. I dig. My main interest would be trials and riding in roads and grass and stuff. I’m not planning on going in the mountains or anything.

And for the other guy, I live in Maryland.

check out sun unicycles, unicycle.com starter series or a club freestyle unicycle for your price range these are probaly your best bets.

Do you already know how to ride?

If not, then start with an inexpensive 24", like a Sun, Nimbus, Torker. UDC has them all (free shipping).





If you know how to ride and now you want to ride off road, you need to double your budget.