24", 26" or 27.5" frame with inboard disk mount

Looking for a 24", 26" or 27.5" frame with an inboard disk mount in the UK (as Brexit has destroyed affordable/timely acquisition from elsewhere).

Any of Qu-Ax QX series, Qu-AX RGB, Impact Gravity (not pro), Nimbus Oracle or Mad4One.

I have a brand new Qu-Ax 27.5 #RGB (only used less than a week) lying around (black).
It’s not in the UK, but shipping via DPD will be 13.25 euros.
It comes with a matching (shortened a little) seat post (black) and seatpost clamp (red).

Will have to look at a decent asking price, but if you’re interested I will take some photos.
Reason for selling: I prefer the color of the M41 frame :wink:

And then due to some twats thinking we’d be better off out of the EU, it’ll cost me an extra 34% on import (20% VAT, 14% Import for unicycles)…

Otherwise, despite not really looking for a whole unicycle I possibly would have been interested.

I’m not a reseller and therefore do not require to pay taxes… and I’m talking about the frame with matching seatpost (31.6mm I believe) and seatclamp.
Therefore shipping something from me to you should not require you to pay any import taxes or VAT :wink:

Are you sure about that? I know that second-hand goods require taxes when coming from the US to Europe. I’m pretty sure it would be the same going from Europe to UK.

No, but I’ll be left paying them when it comes into the country.

Unless you were to lie on the customs declaration form and call it less than £39 (which they’re generally pretty wise to), I’m going to get stuck with serious fees.

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ok, that s*cks! I just placed an order at unicycle.co.uk so hopefully they’ll be easy on the import taxes :smiley:

I believe that the import for unicycles into the EU from non-EU countries is 15% so you’ll likely pay 36% on import (21% VAT+15%), plus a handling fee.

So yeah, it sucks.

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I also had to pay quite a lot on shipping and import taxes when I bought the Lunicycle from Portland, Oregon. As it is the only place where they are made and I had put my mind on having it whatever the cost, it didn’t matter so much to me.


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