24" (100cm bearing wide) frame wanted (USA)

In my endeavor to build my first coaster unicycle I purchased a used but good 24" Torker Unistar LX. 24" is a nice wheel size I must say. I was excited to receive the d-brake kit and Nimbus Disc Trike hub from UDC. Unfortunately they gave me the wrong hub–the one without a disc plate attachment even though I specified that one in my order.

In an effort to determine my rim’s ERD I unfortunately stripped the threads of one of the cranks, so it’s stuck on the hub. I took the spokes and hub apart from the rim only to discover that the frame is not the necessary 100mm bearing pitch to fit the freewheel hub. My goal now is to put this unicycle back together (which I will either keep, trade, or sell) and find a suitable frame. I also have a few other parts lying around from other projects.

I wanted to ask if anyone has a fork/frame that can accommodate a 24" wheel and that has a 100mm bearing pitch (center of bearing to center of bearing) that they would be willing to sell or trade for something? I’m trying to keep this project as inexpensive as possible! Let me know if you can help.