24" 1.95 Tire

I need a 24" x 1.95 slick tire for my 24" Semcycle. I am having trouble finding anything. Is this an odd size?

Sorry, I should have specified that I am looking for a slick tire this size for riding on the road.

So what’s the deal? This is a 85 Sem. Is this width no longer popular? I can’t find a tire like this anywhere. I can find a nice 26", but no 24s this width that are slickish.

That’s a wide tire for a slick. What about something narrower like this?

Or one of these?

Don’t know. Will something narrower fit my rim? I would think not.

Maybe slick is not the word, but the original tire on the Sems were Mezelers and they had very little tread. The unis were for freestyle.

you could go wider or narrower. could get one of these! http://www.unicycle.com/unicycle-hardware/tires-tubes-rim-strips-and-valve-caps/20-24-inch-tires/kenda-njp-24-2-1-tire.html/