22" Unicycle

Hello Everyone,

I Googled this but couldn’t find much.

I’ve decided I want a 22" unicycle. I would rather buy the unicycle as a complete unit, but if I can’t get it any other way, I suppose I could put a 22" tire on the 24" frame.

From what I see in the Google, 22" tires may be difficult to find.

Does a 22" unicycle exist?

What sort of difficulties would I run into if I put a 22" tire on a 24" inch frame?
Would it actually be considered a 22", or am I missing something.

Thanks Everyone!

I don’t think that there are currently any companies making a quality 22" unicycle.

I think that Koxx-1 made some a few years ago but I doubt there were many sold.

I think your best bet is to put one together from pieces. You won’t have any problems using a 22" wheel in a 24" frame, the crown will just be a bit higher than necessary. The 2007 KH20 frames had a pretty high crown so I think one of those might work for a 22" wheel but I would want measurements of the actual wheel diameter and the frame axle to bottom of the crown before spending money.

found the thread with a guy selling 22" rims and tires

What would the advantage be of a 22" uni?

no advantage unless you want something bigger than a 20 and smaller than a 24…

22" tires may be difficult to find. :wink:

Yes… That’s what I want.

I hate to sound like an old, out of shape wimp… but…
I want a smooth transition between the 20 and the 24.
I was riding the 24 months ago. I don’t know what went wrong… other than FEAR after falling and knocking the wind out of my sails more than I wanted… and bruising my hip so it looked like a goose egg… I’m fairly happy with the improvement after going back to the 20", but I’m still having a TON of trouble freemounting the 24". If I can’t get the freemounting, the riding is so frustrating I get discouraged.

I want to move to a bigger wheel.
I’m thinking if I could take a smaller step BETWEEN the 20" and the 24" it would be really helpful.

Thanks for your help everyone.
All comments are appreciated!

(Sorry. I messed up and posted an answer to an old thread. Now this statement shows up twice, but this is where I wanted it to be. Thanks.)

get a 29" hate that then go back to your 24" and it will feel perfect :wink: probably be as cost effective jk lol

As a noob my free mounting sucks but with the slightest dab of the hand on the tyre I can mount 98% of the time and it is really helping my static free mount practice as well

Stick with it with one good session your confidence will flood back!

Feisty That is such A good idea:) (with light bulbs overhead)

57Unirider Can I please have first dibs on your Kh29, cheers Alucard :slight_smile:

(you did say all comments would be appreciated.)
I don’t know what to suggest. Do you try freemounting down a slope? It is sooo much easier.
Or, and can someone correct me if I’m wrong here, maybe altering your cranks to extreme lengths, though I don’t know whether it would very short or very long (someone who knows what they’re talking about help me out here :() would help practice.

Or maybe rise your seat quite high?

Please stick at it 57Unirider we’re all behind you cheering you on. Like Feisty says, one good session and you’ll be ‘smokin’:wink:

Change in crank length does a lot to the feel and the control of the unicycle. The [B]ratio[B] between cranklength and wheelsize determines the amount of control.
I played a lot with crank lengths.
My experience is:
A 24"with 145 mm cranks feels about the same as a 29" with 165 mm cranks.
A 29er with 137 mm cranks feels about the same as a 36" with 165 mm cranks (except for the added height an wheel weight in this case).

Freemounting is also a lot easier with longer cranks.

So a lot of words for saying: try your 24" with longer cranks first. It will change the feel of your uni, less speed, more control, more confidence.

What cranks do you have now on your 20 and 24"?

If you have a 24" with a 3" tire you could also build a wheel with a narrower tire like 1.5". At least this would take away a little bit of height and a road tire will be easier to learn on I think. And the uni doesn’t look so terrifying anymore :wink:

Yes, I can freemount on a downslope…
But there aren’t that many downslopes in this neck of the woods.

It’s the jump from a 20" to a 24" that seems to be concerning me just for a bit. I just thought a 22" would help. I’ve already got the 24" with cranks as long as my knees will stand. The crazy thing is… I WAS riding the 24"!!! Months ago!

A good long stretch of no school (for some good practicing) will help the whole business.

I’m not sure I should have posted such a negative sounding thread.
Actually, I didn’t mean for it to sound so much like I was having trouble…
more like I just thought a 22" would be a great idea.

20" = 125mm

24" = 140mm and 152mm (have tried both).
The 140s are better for my knees.
The 152s are better for my confidence and freemounting.

Thanks Everyone!

Aw, does that mean you’re not getting a kh29:(
Will I have to pay the full price? :stuck_out_tongue:

lol such concern

I have come a cropper a fair few times in my short Unicycling history but I make sure I genuinely LOL and get back on the saddle within seconds, I have had the biggest bruises I have ever had in my life and I show them off to everybody, especially those who don’t want to see them :stuck_out_tongue: to me I am proud of doing something fun/silly/painful my life after two kids had become very boring and normal. At 57 you should be F&%*ing proud of yourself look at what 99% of other people your age are doing!

Inspirational isn’t the word!

Now get on that 24" and give it some! :smiley:

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If you could ride the 24 before, that means you can ride the 24. You just need to work at it a bit, and get over that mental block. You’ve ridden it before so it is possible!

Just go out and do it! :smiley:

You probably disregarded that idea, but it’s what I was thinking as well. It really will work, probably better than you imagine. You’ll have to nerve yourself to ride the 29" of course, but if you just ride it on easy pavement, it won’t take long for the 24" to start feeling really good. :slight_smile:

Hey 57UR, since you can mount on a downslope, try freemounting (static) with the back pedal a little lower.


NOW you guys have me CRAVING a 29"! :astonished:
HA! THAT would be a RIOT!

How about a 26" ?
Would that do the same trick, you think?
That’s a serious question… because I can see myself riding a 26"… EVENTUALLY,
but if I buy a 29" …

I may have to give it to Alucard! :smiley:

Yes, I already have the back pedal lower.
That works a lot better for me.

Thanks Everyone!

As Alucard says…
You can never have too many unis!