22 mph on a 24 inch uni????

I went on a 16 mile ride on my 24 inch uni and I was using this app by the name of strava to track my speed, time, average speed, etc. I have used this app many times and the results seem to be accurate usually averaging 6-7 mph for the ride with a top speed of anywhere from 10-13 mph but when I used it on my 16 mile ride it said my average speed was 7.4 mph which seems resonable but the app said my top speed was 22 mph. Is this possible that I went 22 mph on a 24 inch uni??? Let me know what you think.
If want to look at the info for the ride press link above

This makes 306 wheel rotations per minutes, or 5,1 per second.
You decide if you can make it.

If you can pedal as fast on a geared 36er you can ride at 81 km/h or 50 miles/hour.



If you are using a phone the GPS can play up then again if you can pedal that fast …

I record most of my Strava rides. The App itself gives interesting results in general, especially right after a ride - on my last one, I peaked at 50kph! But what I noticed, is that once it’s uploaded, there must be some algorithms that smoothen the data. It’s much more realistic once it’s online.

I was on some pretty steep hills and was pedaling very fast to the point where I almost flipped over I believe the speed it says it just seems crazy

I have occasionally recorded speeds like this on my 24" muni using a standard bike computer. I put it down to upd’s where the uni accelerates and bounces off down the trail way faster than I could ride! Did you upd?

If you really hit that speed you’d have knocked 2 seconds off the current 100m world record.

Sorry, I have my doubts.

UPD is the best generator of crazy high peak speed… :smiley:

That and GPS receiver glitches :wink:

what does upd mean?


A friend an I went for a mUni ride. He picked me up in his car and drove me to the trail. Afterwards, in the car, stopped at a red light, he realized he’d left the fitness tracker on his iPhone running, creating some spurious figures for speed and distance.

I rode on my uni the whole time and I did not upd so who knows maybe I went that fast. Seems unlikely but anything is possible

I get hiccups on Strava like this fairly often, I apparently hit 72mph going downhill on my 29er once (And yes, I stayed on the uni!)

That being said, top-level sprinters spin 24" standard unis insanely fast. I dunno what their top speed is, but it’s definitely delving into the realms of superhuman, so I wouldn’t flat out say it’s an impossibility, assuming you are a seasoned pro at 24" spinning!