22" alien backflip??

i just saw this…i was surprised i never heard anything more about it…
looks quite cool though :slight_smile:


looks nice, but what tire is that?

if it’s the same as the dyno fireball 24" i’d want a diff tire. when I used to ride my 24 a long time ago, i got a dyno and on the first sidehop i got a pinch flat…absolutely paper thin sidewalls.

“Pneus : 22 x 3
Moyeu : K1 36trous
Jante : Try all 20” 1 paroie"

Look like a big tyre on a 20 inches try all rim!

The idea is quite nice, let’s see if it works good for street…

yeah in some thread recently, i forget which one, they were talking about 22" unicycles for street or trials.

I’d love to try a 22" for trials personally.

the 22’’ backflip is the reason why you flat/street riders need to take a step back and look at what your pickyness has done…



Edit: anyone else notice the new smiley?

our pickyness? has done wat now? new smiley? :roll_eyes: that smiley has always been there

I haven’t tried the k1 22" but I made a similar uni in 2006. If the description on the site is correct then the rim is a single wall 20" with a cruiser tire on it.
My uni had a different tire and rim but my tire was really heavy and such a tall tire on a skinny rim folded over pretty easily unless the pressure was relatively high. Maybe the k1 uni has a better tire and rim combo than I used, we’ll see when people try it out :stuck_out_tongue:
here’s a picture of the one I made

spence that is one sexy looking uni! the tyre just looks awsome on it!

im pretty sure that in the New K1 Stuff thread arthur said that it was a 22" rim but i might b wrong. i cbf checking

lol old school EB right there. am i right? we need to get evan back.

hey i just wanted to see if anyone ever ended up trying out this unicycle? and if so how did it work?

Eddie Ducol I think rides one, and that boy shreds haaaaard