21st Century Monocycle

I don’t think we’ve seen this on the forum; a new monocycle design with what looks like a pneumatic tire (possibly two tires cut and joined together).


it’s either 2 or 3 Schwalbe marathon tyres put together. I wonder how he made the inner tube. Perhaps he did a tubeless conversion or something to avoid having to do that.


The first link went to a page with a lot of Brooks Saddle pictures, but I didn’t see any monocycle (the Hummer with wagon wheels was funny though).

The cycle looks nice, but I don’t see anything 21st century about it. I guess that’s just his name for the thing. I like his idea of putting the drive outside the wheel; this provides some endo/rollover protection without having to add more hardware.

Sorry, here’s a link to his page:


Based on what I remember Tom Miller telling me about a 42" or 43" unicycle he built in the 70s, the tube was the easy part. Sleeve one end inside the next and use rubber cement or tire patch cement. It was much harder, he told me, to join the tire parts together and vulcanize them, while still having them fit the rim.

If it was built any time in the last 8 years or so, I think it would be hard to argue that it’s /not/ a 21st century monocycle :stuck_out_tongue:

So if you can join tyres together does that mean that it would be possible to make a 36x2.3 schwalbe big apple tyre? that would be ace

I would still prefer these anyday. :smiley:

1) Old School Monocycle.
2) Newer age version.
3) Late 20th century monocycle.
4) 21st century version.

thats cool, but not so much in the rain, and if you manage to roll it its going to bugger up the sprocket.

1) cool
2) cooler!
3) meh, not great
4) Awesome!!!

colourful post :smiley:

Well, seeing as the third one is actually ridable without having to do a freakish balancing act with the accelerator, I would much prefer it to the second.

It’s one thing to learn to balance using mostly your legs, but quite another to learn to balance that behemoth using your index finger.

When you do actually learn to ride, you’ll be able to go much faster on the third one, too.

The second one actually killed its creator and rider.

Its pretty cool looking.

Very cool monocycle, I really want to try that out. They seem to be quite rare as I have never seen one in person. Are there conventions or anything for odd pedal powered vehicles? I would love to go to one and try out a monocycle and penny farthing and all sorts of fun cycles.