20''or 24"?

Hey again guys! So I’ve got some great tips from this site but I’m still confused about a few things. I’m planning to go on a hunt today to actually buy a unicycle as i think a local bike shop sells them but I can’t decide whether it will be more beneficial to me to buy a 20" or 24" wheel? Many place here have said to just go for the 24 but a lot have also said its way easier to learn on the 20"?
I don’t really want to have to buy a new one once I learn how so will the 20" be too small then? I don’t plan on doing much as of now other then riding quite small distances so what do you all think will be most productive, easiest and cost efficient?
Thanks! :smiley:

Sounds like either one would work for you. The deciding factor may be your size. If you are a bigger person you may want a 24". If you are a smaller person you may want to go 20". So unless you are 6’5" you can’t go wrong either way. Go look at them and see which one speaks to you most.

I’m about 5’7 and 125 pounds so after looking into it more I’m thinking the 20" will probably be better
i guess its also going to depend on what i can find!

The choice between 20" or 24" depends on what you want to do with your unicycle, after learning. For practicing skills like idling, backwards, one-foot and more advanced tricks (unispins, wheelwalk, crankflips etc), a 20" is more suited. For riding any distance beyond, say, a few 100 m, a 24" is better. If you are an omnivore and you would say you want both skills development and distance, then go for the 20". You will only be slower by some 20% when riding distance, which is doable for not-to-long distances. Besides, if you talk serious distances (more than a few km), you’d probably want an even bigger wheel anyway, like 29" or 36". I won’t adress MUni or trials, since to do these disciplines at any advanced level, specialized unicycles are preferred.

Your size only matters if you are really small, like smaller than 1.40 m or so. For a child under the age of about 8, a 24" wheel is usually somewhat big (especially to learn on). But, in my opinion, even big adults can perfectly ride a 20". Of course the seat needs to be high enough but that shouldn’t be a problem: just buy a long enough seat post.

As to learning: yes it is somewhat easier on a 20", but perfectly doable on a 24". Don’t let that effect your buying decision, if you are serious about wanting to buy only one unicycle.