20incher w/ profile hubs

— george peck <gpeck@arctic.net> wrote:
> Kris,
> just a word about my new 20 incher with profile hub and cranks…what
> a sweetie!! …i am sure you have tried one for trials stuff…what
> are your thoughts…???..i think this thing kicks butt on a 26 for
> trials work…
> Major drawback is the 150 mm cranks give about 2 inches of ground
> clearance so there isn’t much room to roll…but plenty to rock…
> sigh…to have had this little guy twenty years ago…

It’s mostly really good, but not for all stuff. It is lighter, more
manouverable, and you can hop quite a bit higher. In general the hardest
stuff will be done on the 20". However, the smaller diameter tire makes it
less stable than the 24" when gapping perpendicular to narrow railings
(less of a tire footprint so your margin of error is much less). Also some
rolling stuff (like riding down stairs) is sometimes worse on the 20". The
main drawback is similar to other sports that get ever-increasingly
specialized. Occasionally I’ve been “commuting” to a trials area on my
MUni with the 20" over my shoulder, because the 20" is so slow.

Profile makes 145mm cranks which are OK (150 would definately be too
long). 140 would be better though, as the pedals on 145’s hit the ground
during tight cornering (makes gliding around corners more difficult).



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