20in Nimbus BC Wheel Kenda Kikzumbut

I have a brand new 20in Nimbus BC Wheel with a Kenda Kikzumbut tire and the reinforced orange footplates for sale $170 not including shipping. here are some specs:
Nimbus BC Wheel

High quality 20" BC wheel, Fitted to an absolutely top end BMX wheel this is a really impressive BC wheel! It also comes with heavyweight adjustable height footplates to adapt to your riding style.

Footplates: 6mm thick, 170mm long Nimbus Reinforced Footplates with curved backplate to add more strength and reduce q-factor. We recommend Reinforced Footplates to heavier riders and to those who want to do jumps (yes jumps are possible on a BC Wheel!).
Finish: Powdercoated orange with gold Nimbus logo
Adjustment: 3 positions - 45, 65 and 85mm from axle centre to footplate
Axle diameter: 14mm
Hub: Quando TX 48-spoke freewheeling BMX hub
Bearings: 30mm sealed bearings.
Rim: Nimbus double wall, eyeletted 48 hole rim
Spokes: 48 spokes. 14-gauge stainless steel
Tyre: 20 x 1.95" Kenda Kikzumbut, Black
Weight: 4.1kg (approx)