I wonder if it’s “legal” to end your jump of standard skill 205g and 205h with seat in front (and get onto the seat within half a revolution “before” riding).

You should post the rule verbatim so people can see what you are talking about and interpret. I don’t know these skills by number.


So with the guideline from above,
And examples of my riding in real, mediaplayer, quicktime, and flash

is there noone out there who knows wether it’s valid or not?

The skill description does not say you must land on (over) the seat. The end position is to be sitting on the seat, but whether you can land with the seat out is not specified.

As a judge, this means to me that you can. I would give you the points.

But another judge may interpret it differently. This is a “gap” in the skill description, and should be addressed in future revisions.

Random access to Standard Skills by number/letter:

Ah, thank you both.
Iunicycle that thing is usefull!
By adding one line of code I could make a pop-up doing the same on my page. As a matter of fact I allready had to undo all rules from the “cascading write-style setup” which made some subs too complicated to understand (and impossible to include in page 2/2 of the PDF function which at this moment is broken due to imcompatibilties of the newest update on pdflib).

Another question:
I’m not so sure, but in 209a, is it allowed to hold the wheel (before jumping)?


But now we’re getting into gray areas. I know this is how this trick is meant to be done, as it dates back to the early 1980s and me watching a rider from my club perform it. The description does not say you can’t hold the wheel, but I know that is not the way that named skill is done.

But another judge, who wasn’t at Redford Mini Meets in the early 1980s, might interpret it differently. I guess more detail is needed in the descriptions.

Okay, thanks for your help.