2022 California Mountain Unicycle Weekend, Sept 23-25

Sorry about the late notice; this has been posted on social media and the Unicycling Society of America site, but I forgot to do one in here! Hosts Corbin Dunn, Owen Farmer and Ashley Foster have put together a weekend of rides around the northern Lake Tahoe, including the famous Flume Trail! Three days of rides.

To join us, you must use the link below and become a member of the Unicycling Society of America. That is the price of admission. If you’re already a (current) USA member, registration is free!


On that page you will also see a copy of Corbin’s blog post for the event, but I highly recommend going to the live version of that blog to see if there are any updates. Along with the chance to share camping space, I’m working on getting an AirBnB in/around Truckee with room to share if people are interested, contact me for that.

  • Friday: Black Hole. This is at/around the Tahoe City Cross Country Ski area, near the lake
  • Saturday: Big Chief Trail, Upper and Lower. We will meet at the Sawtooth Trailhead and work our our carpooling to get to the top
  • Sunday: Flume Trail. You’ll need to book a shuttle ride for this one (see Corbin’s site)! Spectacular scenery, high above Lake Tahoe! This is a 13-mile ride, but the uphill part will be a lot of walking (for normal humans). The actual Flume Trail is mostly non-technical, but magical due to its location and view.

So to join us, two things are needed:

  1. Unicycling Society of America membership
  2. Book a shuttle to the trailhead for Sunday Flume Trail, if attending that. There is also a way to avoid this, but involves a bit of luck (see Corbin’s site)

It took longer than we expected to get the registration all set up for you, so sorry for the short notice. If you’re available for that weekend, we’d love to see you!

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The California Muni Weekend has not visited the Flume Trail since the year 2000, with notable riders such as Joe Stoltzfus from Idaho, Tim Bustos, John and Casey Drummond from Unicycle.com, Nathan, Beau and Grace Hoover, Scot Cooper, Jock and Julie Young, David Maxfield, Geoffrey Faraghan, Scott and Thad Arnold, and John Childs! If you don’t recognize most of those names, it’s because that was a generation ago. Wow!


Cool, I think I can make it :wink:

To reiterate:

Registration (required): Unicycling Society of America - California Muni Weekend 2022

Facebook event (optional): Redirecting...

Ride details: 2022 California Mountain Unicycle Weekend – Corbin's Treehouse