2020 Olympic games

The 2020 Olympic Games has just been awarded to Tokyo

Do you think there is any chance they will include unicycling as a demonstration sport as there are so many riders there?

No, but it would be awesome!

It would be massively AWSM!

People are trying to get Gym Wheel in, so Unicycle should be included. Would have more athletes than Wheel, seeing as it doesn’t cost thousands of dollars to buy a Unicycle.

But what Unicycling discipline would you want to be seen in the Olympics? Sprint/other such racing? a ‘gymnastics’ type flatland/dancing competition? MUni? :smiley:

Obviously I’d like to see them all, just wondering what anyone else thinks would be the best to be an Olympic sport :sunglasses:

Track Racing is the most popular form of competitive unicycling in Japan, with a history going back to the late 1970s, and dozens of meets a year, some with hundreds of riders. The other big discipline there is what we call Freestyle, though they treat it more like Uni Dance.

IMHO, Track Racing on 24" wheels is a dead end. That wheel size is based on it being the largest size available back in the 70s and 80s. Now that’s no longer true, and we ride larger wheels in more interesting ways. But for the Olympics, I think the best events would be whatever is most popular with the general public. That would probably be Trials, Street and MUni racing. None of those are big in Japan, though I don’t know if that’s even a factor in terms of getting sports on display at Olympic games.

Photo: Second day of Track at Unicon XII, 2004. At the biggest-ever Unicon to date, we managed to make Tokyo’s 1964 Olympic Stadium look empty!

If it would be as a presentation, then I think Japanese freestyle would be interesting for outsiders. Especially the ones interested in artistic skating in winter olympics.

wow… it does look empty… by the look of things there were more people at last years unicon… maybe its just an allusion because of the size of the stadium?

I think freestyle would be good, looks cool for sure. Flat street trials and muni would be good too.

If it were up to me, I’d pick Freestyle as the discipline to watch. It’s the highest form of “unicycle art”, which is not to take away from the skill and athleticism of the other disciplines.

Unicon XVI was also the biggest-ever Unicon to date, with possibly double the number of participants. I think there were about 1400 at Unicon XII, but not all were into Track. Many Track racers were still outside the stadium in that picture, and the event was apparently not open to the public; that’s all family members up there in the stands.