2020 California MUni Weekend - Yosemite

Hey everyone, we are very excited to bring you the 2020 CA MUni Weekend! There are lots of great trails along with beautiful scenery located in Bass Lake, just an hour away from Yosemite National Park. Save the dates! We will be posting pictures of the trails so that riders can get a better understanding of what to expect. Stay tuned for specific times and more details! Looking forward to riding with you! Cheers!

Mar 20, 2020 – Mar 22, 2020

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All Information is Subject to Change, and More Will be Updated Throughout Time. Stay Tuned for More

Riding Times: TBD

007 – This trail features small technical rock sections between smooth, fast and flow segments of the trail. This trail includes many nice lines, drops, rolls, berms, and other fun areas to ride. Overall, this is a fun trail and a great warmup to prepare for the next day’s ride.

Mary Jane, McLeod Flat, Willow Creek:

Mary Jane – More information soon.

McLeod Flat (Jeep Trail) is an extremely technical trail with a wide variety of rocks all the way down. This is a challenging and enjoyable trail to ride with endless lines, drops, rolls, and more. Mary Jane leads to the bottom of this trail, which will require some hiking in order to reach the top. Sectioning will happen as riders make the ascent towards Willow Creek.

Willow Creek – This trail is by far the most beautiful and scenic trail of the day. Willow Creek is a well-balanced ride, loaded with technical rock and root sections, smooth track, drops, and lines, which can be sectioned as long as riders would like. This shaded trail is surrounded by oaks and pines, dogwood and alder trees that border Willow Creek. Closer towards the end of a ride is a very technical rock garden up on the ridge with a magnificent view of Bass Lake. Fun rock gardens at the end of the trail below giant moss-covered boulders take you to the creek at the end of the ride. This trail is challenging, rewarding, and beautiful, guaranteed.
Optional Ride: Technical and steep terrain is on the opposite side of the creek. There will be a small amount of hiking in order to reach the top, and a short and challenging ride down.

Sunday: TBD