2018 Unicycle Riding Challenges at Endomondo.com

If you use Endomondo.com to track your unicycle rides, there are two challenges for 2018.

Max distance ridden in 2018:

Max time in the saddle for 2018:

There is a challenge for time because the unicycles with larger wheels have an unfair advantage in the distance challenge. Also, the trials riders can participate in the time challenge.

You will have to track your rides as “Cycling Sport”. We use to use other, more esoteric, categories. But, in time, these categories have all been killed by Endomondo.

I’m a total newb so only cover a few miles a week (in bursts of 20-40 yards :smiley: ), but glad to join up.

Wait a minute, Trials rider are almost never in the saddle! You’ll have to specify that “near the saddle” counts. :smiley: