2017 Seoul Ultra Marathon

Here are a few links to some videos from Sunday’s Ultra marathon in Seoul.
I think video by Jeong GiSun, uploaded by Park jaeJin.

Thanks for sharing the videos. They were great.

I thought it was interesting that they had the athletes stagger the start. Is that how they normally start a marathon race?

I love watching these unicycling videos. So many people enjoying themselves.
Thanks for sharing James.

Watching one video leads to another, leads to another :slight_smile:

Mass starts are fun, but can be messy. Many of those riders are a little unsteady as they get going, so that would make life difficult for a lot of the riders. But probably the main reason they were doing it was because they were going directly onto the bike path, which isn’t very wide. If you have a mass start, you need a wide area for people to get spread out before they get squeezed onto a narrow course.

By using timing chips or some similar technology (usually attached to the shoes), all you have to do is ride through the start line, and later the finish line, to get an accurate recording of your time.

I hope to make it to Korea next summer (for Unicon), but don’t plan on bringing a 36" all the way there to just not ride it very fast… :stuck_out_tongue:
Muni? Definitely. Even though I’m not fast on that either. :smiley:

Yes, lots of us are a bit unsteady with mounts… Actually this was the first race I have competed in where I actually got on with the first attempt. Usually, it takes me about 6 goes making a fool of myself :stuck_out_tongue:

John’s comment sums up the situation. The cycle path isn’t wide enough for a mass start. The Incheon marathon does do a mass start as there is a wide area about 100m long leading into a wider cycle path as well.