2016 Nimbus 29" Hatchet Muni questions

Just ordered the 29" Hatchet today from unicycle.com Wow, they have the best customer service over the phone!
Spoke to staff who said with this frame, I can swap out the stock 29" tire/rim with 26" or even 32"! Has anyone try this with their Hatchet?

The Hatchet has only been on the market for like 6 weeks or so and the 29" one even less. But that said I’m really enjoying my 26" with the Surly/Marge combination. Beyond the KH cranks I’m not ready to start customizing it quite yet. We aren’t taking a beach vacation this summer but I’m thinking about options for tricking it out next year.

You are going to love your new ride.

What size tire do you have on your Hatchet?
I’m thinking of switching out stock 3" tire with Snowshoe 5.05" tire for that extra “fatty” look. :smiley:

Erm, you know, you can’t put a 26" tire on a 29" rim? If you want it super fat, why haven’t you ordered the 26" Hatchet which comes with a 65mm wide 26" rim?

If I well understand it’s the same frame as for the 26" version, but it is said on the site “This frame will hold a tire up to 26” x 5.05", 27.5" x 4", 29" x 3.25" and a 32" x 2.125."

So it won’t take the nimbus 32" tire as it is 32"x2.25.
Is there any 32x2.125 tire on the market?

And Eric is right, with a 29 rim it will only take a “+” tire
3.25", just a bit more than what a kh 29 2015 can take.

By the way, does someone know if kh will make a 32" frame with 100mm bearing to bearing space ? (thinking about putting my schlumpf hub on a 32" but with rim brakes, don’t trust the disc brakes on a 3rd gen geared hub => more free wheel risks).

It would be strange of UDC to create frame and advertise it as taking 32", but then produce tire that is basically the only choice (apart from some WalMart leftovers) that does not fit the frame.

That was also my thought. Now I’m considering either to order some hand-made frame or get one with magura mounts for 36" and make adapters down to 32".

Well, I have seen somewhere in this forum a pic from someone who tried to fit a nimbus 32" wheel on his hatchet frame and it was missing a bit of clearance.

The Kent tire measures 2.125.

That’s right. And it’s also approx. 31.5" in diameter, so it would allow slightly more clearance in the frame (not sure how much is needed).
Just to clarify (and not trying to hijack the thread), I don’t think the Kent tires (and wheels) are “WalMart leftovers.” They are in stock (at the Kent Bicycle warehouse, New Jersey, USA) and can be ordered directly. (I recently bought a replacement, having worn out my original. It was $30, delivered to Los Angeles.)

got my 29" Hatchet!

Arrived in time for 4th July ride! :slight_smile:

Is it normal on the Rabbit Hole rim for tube to “pop out” like this? :thinking:
I’ve put 30psi only so far.

It’s normal, but not particularly good. The plastic rim strips will deform with high pressure and/or high heat.

Unless used only as a winter wheelset I would reinforce the rim-strip with non-stretchy (cloth or fibre) tape for any rim with large cutouts.

Totally normal. Don’t worry about it.

Well, you got me concerned since it’s 100+ degrees in my garage.
So i let the air out the tire until ill ride again.
BTW, what shin guard should i get with my Hatchet?

On the other hand, isn’t 30psi a lot in a 3.0" tire?

My thoughts exactly- I don’t have a lot of 29+ time, but I rarely ran my 29er (2.4") tires above 25psi. I would think a 29X3.0 would be best in the 15-20psi range.

It depends on the tire, especially the range written on the tire’s side.

For example 26/29 x 2.35/2.50 road tires (like maxxis hokworm, schwalbe super moto, big apple) often have a max psi of about 55/65 PSI.
30 PSI is considered a low PSI for those tires.

I have the 26x3 surly knard and the max recommended PSI for riding is 30 PSI and it is what you wanna put if you ride long asphalt roads/bike paths/sidewalks.
It will reduce the big rolling resistance of those +/fat tires.

When I want to ride on trails and technical dh, I will put between 15 and 25 PSI.

At 15 PSI the 3" knard is very funny to ride, it flexes a lot, it rolls over everything, but at the end you have no legs anymore.
Especially when you ride in high gear on a geared unicycle.

So 30 PSI is still ok, it still has enough flexibility to handle very uneven floors, but if there is a lot of mud, sand or gravels, lower PSI will do the job better.

It’s been over a year and my 29" Hatchet is my go to uni.
I luv it! :slight_smile:

I love my 29er I have had it since December, I also have the 26x5 rim and tire and love that in the snow I keep the 29x3 on the rest of the year.

New cranks?

The hatchet seems to be back in stock in the UK site, with some ‘Nimbus ‘VCX’ ISIS Cranks’. What are these, and are they lighter/stronger than the venture2s? :slight_smile: