2015 KH29 Maiden Voyage

Here’s a short edit of my first ride on the new 2015 KH29!
The new set up took a bit of time to get used to, and made for some interesting crashes throughout the day. My first impression are that the 3 inch Surly Knard is a fantastic tire on the 29. The excellent rolling efficiency partnered with greater shock absorption is a salivating combination for both uphill and downhill riding. The stock brake worked great on the terrain in this video, and the handle bar set up felt strangely comfortable. It’s definitely different riding with a handle bar, but I think I like it… I’ll need some more time to get used to it.

Thanks to Kris Holm Unicycles and Municycle.ca!

and for the german viewers:

Thanks Ryan!

Awesome video :smiley:

Great riding!!! :slight_smile:

Great to see the new KH29 in action! You make it look easy…

Happy new gear!
Great riding skills.

NICE! You make me miss my Surly Knard wheel. :slight_smile:

Nice!!! :sunglasses:

Nice riding.

And another awesome video. It looks really cool that you are going so fast… over those drops.

Thanks Everyone!
The plan is to make a follow up video at the end of summer once I get comfortable with the KH29!

Nice vid Iv just got the kh29 I’m finding it hard to controle with the thin seat do you hold the front all the time you ride

I saw “Maidn Voyage” and thought “This is gonna be kind of lame” then I saw who posted it and thought “At it’s worst this has to be at least good”

You easily surpassed that to be among the best XC vids I’ve seen.

Nice going! I think this is going to be my new intro video for explaining unicycling to people.

I do hold the seat the enitre time while riding. I think this is a good habit, especially for riding downhill with a brake, as it allows you to keep one finger ready, on the brake at all times.

For riders who don’t like to hold the seat, the thinner profile definitely feels a little strange at first, because there is less thickness between your thighs, and that contact between your thighs is what stabilizes you. When I switched to a zero i noticed my skinnies were a little shaky, but as I rode with it more I got used to it, and now my skinnies are better then they were actually.

The benefits of the zero outweigh the drawbacks (in my opinion), but you body will probably adjust to the new feel with practice =)

haha thanks =) I love this comment!

Nice riding, man! Definitely didn’t look like a maiden voyage to me!

That makes me want to get off the pavement! Great job.

Love this video. My favorite part is when he grazes a tree like a pinball.