2015 kh 29

For sale is a KH 29 I bought new in March. After about a month of riding on it, and finally getting it dialed in to my liking, I blew out my knee on a local trail. Bummer. Anyway my muni days are over and I will be transitioning back to life on two wheels.

The unicycle comes with the KH handle, KH knee pads in good shape(XL) and some weightlifting gloves with wrist support. Additionally I riveted the stiffening plate onto the KH zero saddle which gives it almost no flex.

$750 OBO + shipping for everything. I still have the original box.


Located in Missoula, MT.

Price Drop

$700 OBO for the setup. Make me an offer, this thing needs to get ridden.

Price Drop

$650 + shipping.

Someone buy this before I give in and start riding again.

No one buy it! :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 :d

So sorry to hear about your knee. Did you fall onto it or something, how did that happen?

I already had a partial tear in my ACL from a previous incident and landed awkwardly on a steep slope. I’ll be getting surgery in August. Just got back on my town uni today but riding muni is just too risky moving forward.

I absolutely love the sport and its inherent challenges but I need to keep my knee safe. This will be surgery #3 on this knee.

If anyone is interested the unicycle is still for sale. Please make some offers.

Also, this is an absolutely awesome community of people. Thanks for the support.

Somebody grab it quick, it an awesome muni at a great price! Love the 29er with the 3.0 Knard!

Sold. Thanks.