2014 Unicycle Riding Challenges at Endomondo.com

If you use Endomondo.com to track your unicycle rides, there are two new challenges for 2014.

Max distance ridden in 2014:

Max time in the saddle for 2014:

There is a challenge for time because the unicycles with larger wheels have an unfair advantage in the distance challenge. Also, the trials riders can participate in the time challenge.

Hey, SanJoseUnicyclist! I’m from Santa Cruz! Where do you ride in SJ?

Hi bwrightback,

I usually ride at:

Bedwell Bayfront Park in Redwood City – nice 6 to 10 mile ride with some “hills” that are still challenging to me (only ~50’ high),

Palo Alto Baylands Park – nice 6 to 16 mile ride that is relatively flat, but has a fun “single track” trail for ~3 miles. I have quotes around the single track because it’s just a narrow trail on the side of a dirt road,

Almaden Quicksilver County Park (where mountain bikes are allowed) --awesome 10-mile loop with ~1100’ to ~1400’ of elevation change (when I’m in good enough shape…). This is the closest thing I get to real muni. But, it’s really just XC fire roads. Have to do a lot of walking up the steeper hills…

I check in on the Santa Cruz California Mountain Unicycling Google Group. I’d love to try a Rob’s Ride. But unfortunately, I never ride on the weekend. Between family and a small startup, the only time I have to ride is early in the morning before work (try to be on the trail just before sunrise).

Wow! There is a lot more in the area than I thought. My fiancé just got a job in South SJ so if I get into nursing school over the hill, we might move there. I was concerned I would have to give up muni. :-/ good to know that there is more out there. I’ve never ridden with Rob bc they usually ride on the bigger wheels for much longer distances. Maybe someday I’ll be able to keep up with them. :slight_smile: if you’re ever in the area, hit me up. There are 4 of us who ride regularly in the redwoods. :slight_smile:

The redwoods sound like a beautiful ride. I hope to take you up on that one day. It would be fun to ride with others (never have).

If you move, the trails in San Jose are certainly not as nice as Santa Cruz. However, you will still be able to ride. Quicksilver in South San Jose is great.

I joined just for giggles, though I’ve never used Endomondo :smiley: Can I actually set my activity to Unicycle unlike strava? :o

Cool, Piece Maker! Unfortunately, they don’t have a unicycle setting. What other unicyclists that use Endomondo do is choose Indoor Cycling as the sport.

The reason goes back a few years when Endomondo had a sport called Spinning. The calorie counter for Spinning showed more calories burned per mile than Cycling or Mountain Biking. We guessed that you burn more calories on a unicycle. So, Spinning became the most common sport to choose when tracking unicycle rides. Others also thought that Spinning made sense because it was meant to track time on a stationary bike, and no one used it for outdoor riding except for the crazy unicyclists. So, if you did a search on Endomondo for Spinning “routes”, and you saw a route that was outdoors for some distance, you knew it was most likely another unicyclist.

A while ago, Endomondo got rid of the Spinning category, and Indoor Cycling seemed to be the closest alternative. So, for these two Endomondo challenges, I set the options to only track rides that use the Indoor Cycling category.