2013 Schwalbe tire line up, includes a DH 29er!!

RR 2.4 goes away, some tread changes, new info listing on tires to make it easier to know what you’re getting, and the creme de la creme, a Hans Dampf downhill tire…

Pan down to the cutout picture of the Hans Dampf SG (Super Gravity)

<1000g, full snakeskin casing, rubber inserts for stiffness, folding bead, sticky rubber, high volume, three compound choices, what a tire!!

Yeah, it’ll probably be $150 :roll_eyes:

But I still want one in my stocking :smiley:

Having successfully mounted my new Vee Rubber WaltWorks “Todd” tire on my 36er, I’m in the tire changing mood. I am waiting to switch out the Ardent that came standard on my KH29 (47mm wide rim) for Schwalbe to release a Super Gravity (SG) version of the Hans Dampf in the 29er sizes. The MTBR article Ben linked to above says 2013 will bring “all compounds to all product lines” which I assume to mean they will (eventually) release a Super Gravity Hans Dampf 29er tire. I don’t care what it cost but I don’t want to go to the trouble of mounting up a TrailStar version only to have Schwalbe release a Super Gravity the next week. So I’m going to ask you guys to get out your Crystal Ball again to estimate when in 2013 that dream will become a reality.

I have not read anything confirming the SG Hans Damph 29er, so it’s a toss up, though I don’t know that it’s worth the extra wait and cash (assuming they ever make it) because the regular Hans Dampf is very nice.

I have a 29x 3 Knard on order, if it rides as well as Josh says, then I may swing that way, in which case I might have a Hans Dampf you can try before buying…though I probably won’t sell it because it’s a really great tire.

If you want a Knard 29 x 3", then you you can wait a few months and get the revised Oracle frame with the high crown :slight_smile:

I’ll be keeping my KH29 frame which means (even though I saw it as a “tight” fit on UDC UK) I’ll be passing on the Knard.

Another repeat question I forgot the answer to: sparing no expense, and riding mostly on hardpack (locals frown on riding in the mud), should I get the PaceStar or TrailStar version given that I’m leaning toward the TrailStar “stickier” version despite the fact that it may wear out a little bit quicker. Anybody know of any “deals” in the USA right now?

I ride the Pacestar on my KH29 and I think it is great. I don’t know why anyone would need a stickier version.

^^ what he said, Pacestar is at least as sticky as the Ardent and long lasting, what else could you want?

I ride a Hans Trailstar and have put 500-700 miles on it mixed use and it has no signs of any wear or even any chunks out of the tread from the flint I ride on (the sidewalls have taken a beating but held up fantastically).

Buy what you can find the cheapest as neither will disappoint in grip or longevity.