2013 KH Factory Team

Hey All,

I’m happy to announce the 2013 KH Factory Team. The 2013 team riders are:

Aidan Teleki (Hungary)
David Weichenberger (Austria)
Hugo Duguay (Canada)
Kelly Hickman (USA)
Lutz Eichholz (Germany)
Max Schulze (USA)
Michael Padial (NZ)
Stephanie Dietze (Germany)

In particular I want to say welcome to Hugo, and welcome back to Kelly!

Also, huge thanks to the team co-sponsors, including Unicycle.com, Ajata, and Five Ten footwear.

Team profiles will be up on a brand new krisholm.com website early in 2013.

Congrats everyone and looking forward to a great 2013!


Nice team going on here! Congrats to my friend Hugo :slight_smile:


Im happy on the choices… i know a lot of those people from the Book ( the essential guide to mountain and trials unicycling) by Kris, but i don’t really know what the factory team is?

The KH Factory Team is KHU’s way of supporting the next generation of top riders in our sport. I try to pick riders who are both great athletes and also positive ambassadors and role models for other riders.

Nice work Hugo, go Canada!

When will you announce the KH Factory Seconds Team? I have my fingers crossed.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Kris for this incredible opportunity. I believe 2013 will be a great year !