2013 KH 26 Muni w/ Shimano XT Disc

I’m selling my dialed KH 26 muni, parts are as follows:

2013 KH26
Spirit 150mm cranks
Straightline DeFacto Pedals(extra pins a bushings included)
Shimanao M785 Xt disc brake setup 170mm w/KH spooner
KH seat stiffener
Michelin 2.8 tire x 2, Maxxis Highroller 2.7

This uni is in fantastic shape but it has been ridden and does have the normal nicks & dings.

I am selling this uni for $600 shipped within the USA
I will post better pictures this evening but for now here is a low quality cell phone picture.

Here’s the uni in it’s current setup:

Sweet ride

One amplification… it looks like your Spirit cranks are dual holed 150/125?

Why are you selling? It’s too new to be old.

You are correct, they are 150/125mm dual holes. I’m selling because it’s just not getting any use since my other hobbies have fully taken over.

What hobbies are taking over unicycling?!

After thinking about it for a few days there is no way I can sell my KH26, it is just too much fun even if my rides are short. I apologize for the for sale ad.


Happy riding!