2013 Evolution of Balance Award Winner Announced

Hey All,

I’m happy to announce that Cary Gray of Baltimore, MD, has won the 2013 Evolution of Balance Award!

Cary proposed a massive trip: a 1.5 year, 24,000+ km, self-supported cross-country ride that starts in Baltimore, loops into Canada, then heads south to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina (the southernmost tip of South America).

Cary hopes to connect offroad tracks and dirt roads in every every single land-based country in North and South America, which means circling back up from the southern tip of South America into Brazil and the northern countries of the continent.

Cary’s EOB award will include CAN$1500, a KH36, and KH gloves and armour.

Sincere thanks go to the Hoover family for helping support the cash portion of the award, and to Unicycle.com who will sponsor shipping of KH gear to Cary.

Thanks also to everyone who applied: it was a really tough decision this year as there were many strong applications from around the world.

For more info, check out the brand new Evolution of Balance Award website, launched today. The Evolution of Balance website also contains photos and stories from previous winners.

Congrats Cary!


Congrats Cary! That’s a masterplan :slight_smile:

That is some ride…

Looking forward to the blog on this one.

Congratulations Cary!

First Reply on this site for me…

Thanks guys!

I actually finally got around to creating a username for myself on this site.

I will be posting about wanting some company along the way, even if it means just a day ride in whoever’s hometown on the way through. That post is coming soon.

Congrats and good luck, Cary. Just went to your website and saw you did a ride to St. Louis in December…too bad I just started unicycling or I’d have come out to see you.