2013 Black Friday, Cyber Weekend, and 12 Days Unicycles

Didn’t know udc had this blog until now

Are the 24" oracles and saddles suppposed to go away? or will they stay on-sale …until.?

I had seen the blog before and checked it occasionally but didn’t know that they had started blogging the sale.

It looks like a lot of the items on the 12 Days sale page have gone back to their original prices now.

Pictures of mine, still with the Sticky Fingers tire. But I might need to get one of these Operative tires. I put a pair of black Twisted PC pedals that had just a few scuffs on mine instead of the brand new Nimbus pedals.

Per the discussion above, the pedals loosened up on me a couple times while practicing backward riding. Luckily I noticed it before any damage was done. (It sounds different when dropped onto the pavement, which I do a lot.) The second time I retightened them, I gave an extra strong big boy pull on the wrench. I’ll keep checking but so far they’ve stayed tight since then including about 30 minutes of nothing but backward riding (or attempts at anyway) today.

In my case, I’m pretty sure it was that pull, rather than the loosening, that stripped the cranks. It was a surprise because in most ways everything on this uni seems ten times stronger than it was on my learner uni, -probably even the cranks- but they are brittle, so just be careful when tightening.

Every oracle size went on sale except the 36er. :angry:

C’est la vie. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just checked a few websites and the minimum torque spec for a steel pedal axle into an alloy crank arm is 300 in-lb (35 Nm) or higher on all of them. That’s a 40 lb one-handed pull on an 8" open-end wrench–minimum–and that’s a pretty serious effort. I know I wasn’t doing that on my first attempts.

I’d hope that there’d be a factor of safety of at least two between minimum torque and thread failure. If it was damaged from tightening with a hand wrench, the crank was probably defective. Or else I don’t want to meet you when you’re angry. :slight_smile:

Christmas isn’t here yet so there’s still hope. Have you been naughty or nice this year?

Very lightly grease the pedal spindle threads (if first install) and thread them into the cranks. Remove the pedals and put blue Loctite on the threads; re-install. Let it dry overnight.

The Loctite should prevent unthreading when riding backwards, without the risk of stripping the crank arms by over-torquing the pedals when tighten them. The light pre-grease will prevent galling between the spindle and crank taps, although Loctite alone itself does pretty well with that.

I got the Impact Exceed Ti hub. Couldn’t justify spending $400 on it, but since I got an end-of-the-year bonus from my fire station, $300 was justifiable. :slight_smile: My new lightweight wheel is being built right now! :slight_smile:

The 36er dream was coming true… until the car and the water heater decided to play naughty at the end of last month. $2K out the door right before Christmas to boot. Tough time to justify buying a 36er. :frowning:

Bummer! Hope things turn around, and maybe it’ll be part of a post-holidays sale.

Too cool! Be sure and show it to us when it’s ready for the road.

My pedal wrench is 7," and I didn’t pull it that hard at all. Thanks for the technical details! DirtDart’s advice (above) about how to avoid a recurrence of this problem using grease and Loctite looks pretty good, though having cranks that aren’t defective will probably help too. I’m starting to really like this uni now. It’s much more reassuring to ride down the stairs than my old Savage that was held together with hose clamps. I used that Savage for light hopping sometimes, but was always haunted by the fear that each hop would be its last.

oh no…only things left from christmas sale are 2 saddle covers, 3 tubes, 661 kneeshin guards, ankle brace, and Impact apparel

edit* NOOOOO, i was going to buy the T-bar…and the plastic nimbus pedals… POO!

(sorry, edit option gone)
12days christmas sale is OVER?!
oh gosh…i thought it was 12 working days, like the udcUK sale…

And here she is…all 9 pounds of her!! 26" Oracle frame, Dartmoor Trixie rim, Deity valve cap, lightweight racing tube, Specialized S-Works The Captain tire (2.0), DT Competition spokes, purple DT alloy nipples, Impact Exceed Ti hub, Qu’ax lightweight cranks, Deity Compound pedals, Deity seat post clamp, KH seat post, and Impact Naomi saddle. All that is left is getting rid of the D’Brake and someday getting a CF base. Made mostly for XC, and she is soooo light and smooth! My dream unicycle!!!