2013 Bellingham Muni Weekend

Muni and unicycle weekend June 7, 8, and 9, 2013
Bellingham, WA

Events and specifics to follow. Bellingham has some great trails waiting for your riding pleasure.



Washington’s Last Stop

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That might be a possibility! I can’t make it to Nationals this year but might be able to drive to Bellingham. I like it up there anyway.

Bellingham Muni Weekend

June 7, 8, & 9, 2013

teamUnicycle and Bellingham Unicycling are inviting unicyclist from nearby communities to come experience some of Whatcom county’s finest single track trails on Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday. Several others have either shown an interest in or are planning to attend from outside the local area. Multiple ride meet-ups each day are planned around different trails to provide variety.

Friday, June 7, 2013, meet-ups have been planned and scheduled for advanced and expert riders to enjoy the North Galby.

Saturday, June 8, 2013, meet-ups have been planned and scheduled for all levels of unicycle riding abilities at Padden Lake Park. The advanced and expert riders will be riding the South Galby trails.

Sunday, June 9, 2013 meet-ups have been planned and scheduled for advanced riders to enjoy on Chuckanut Mountain trails.

For additional information please check out Bellingham Muni Weekend page.

Post or PM with questions or comments.


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Looking forward to joining this event!
Went looking for trail and location info - no maps online. :angry: Annoying, but I do understand the need for fundraising, so I ordered a map.

Any recommendations for accomodations? Identifying campgrounds near the trailheads would be very helpful, particularly given the lack of trail maps online. I’m bringing my 13-y-o son, and it would be fun to camp with others.

Also, please explain what you mean by “advanced” rider designations. Compared to nearly 100% of the people in the world, I am an advanced unicyclist - but I have no idea how my abilities relate to these trails (particularly because there is no actual trail info available online, ugh). Maybe post some photos of the trails?


If you’re gonna be there, well then I’ll just have to work it into my schedule :slight_smile:

That weekend will be on our bubble, so I’m not sure whether we’ll be coming or going, might even drag the kids along…

Yep, back in the game as of this morning’s commute. Also ordered a Drak 29 for Owen. :slight_smile:

I’m assembling links to maps, videos, pictures. Most of the available free info is of poor quality. The Galbraith trail system (Galby) is located in a working forest through a cooperative effort of a local club, bike shops, cyclist and land managers/owners. So maps go out of date quickly as new is built and areas are closed for harvest etc.

The best choice for camping is Larrabee State Park.

The link Washingtons Last Stop in the first post has some good information.

Where to stay:
The Lakeway Inn Best Western (rooms start at $139/night) and Coachman Inn (rooms start at $50/night) are both mountain-bike friendly. Also try Bellingham GuestHouse Inn.

Please remember the Bellingham Muni Weekend has an open invitation to both the local and via the web the international community which both have experienced muni and non-unicycling wannabes. Friday and Sunday meet-ups and two of the Saturday meet-ups are intended for those with at least some muni experience so the expert muni riders have a good time and don’t become frustrated at novices. If sufficient interest commits to attending and helping with leading meet-ups additional opportunities may open up to add other routes of different skill levels. Some spots may require a dismount once in awhile for some. I myself am not above walking things I don’t have any business trying and still have a good time. But these meet-ups are not on a gym floor with handrails.


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Bellingham Muni Weekend

June 7, 8, & 9, 2013

Additional information has been added. We think you will find most of your questions and comments addressed.

Please check out the updated page at Bellingham Muni Weekend page.

These three video links didn’t make the web page but might still interest you. Some of us will be riding these three trails on Saturday morning.

Evolution on Galby

Unemployment Line


Continue to Post or PM with questions or comments.


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We’re official, changed our trip plans so that we are driving straight from TN to WA, with stops along the way to ride and ski, got a super secret plan for after the fest, a little second honeymoon time on a certain really big island just north of the lower fourty-eight :smiley:

Looking forward to meeting new folks, doing some riding, and scouting for our future home in the PNW!

Thanks guys, those links are very helpful. Look like fun trails!
I’ll defnitely do some walking, but Owen and I should be able to get through most of it.

Joe et al:
I’m going to have to bag out of this great event. I’ve decided that I need to get the metal out of my leg - just like Joe told me I should :roll_eyes: . I’d put off doing it hoping things would get better, but every time the pressure changes it drives me crazy - and that’s happened a lot this Spring with the variable weather we’ve had. It’s been bad enough that I haven’t even been doing much riding. :frowning: So, in order to hopefully recover in time for summer riding, I’ve scheduled surgery for mid-May, which kills plans for riding in early June.
Hope everyone else has a great time.

And I’ve been thinking of enticing you to meet me at Beacon-and-Legs for a day of fun.

They let me ride again as soon as I got my stitches out. Heal fast!


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The best laid schemes of mice and men Often go awry.

What once was an open weekend has become more limiting for me, still hope to make the Saturday AM and most of Sunday.

For those coming up I-5, don’t forget to factor the Skagit River I-5 Bridge is closed at Mount Vernon (About 25 mi South of B-ham in case you’re not familiar with the area):


WSDOT What’s Happening

Two of us will arrive Friday night and probably meet up with the group at breakfast Saturday morning, provided the bridge don’t collapse and the creek don’t rise. :o

we are in Salt Lake now, leaving for Boise tomorrow, should be in Bellingham Friday afternoon, we are camping, we are planning to ride Friday :slight_smile:

Two days of pre-riding the trails, they have been checked out! The conditions and weather are looking GREAT!

Friday the meetups begin!


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The riding was great, the hosts were awesome, we had such a good time, maybe we’ll have to move to Bellingham :slight_smile:

Thanks to Joe, Lana, and everyone who came out to ride and play, it was a blast!

See ya in a year, if not sooner.

A last minute plumbing emergency kept me from getting up to Bellingham. Hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed the nice weather. This is truly an amazing place to live and ride. Hope to see you next year.

Pictures of the group on Saturday. An epic event, can hardly wait until next year!

BTW: the two youngest kids are going to kick our butts one day. They kept up most of the time on those 20" wheels. :astonished:


Is the 7th guy from the left kris?