2013 Asheville MUni Round-Up Sept. 27-29, '13

We’re pleased to announce the dates for the 7th annual MUni gathering in Asheville, North Carolina:

September 27-29, 2013

Details of the event are forthcoming.

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Look forward to seeing you in the fall!

great to get this on the calendar early!

Seems like there are a bunch of grassroots events happening these days, so we thought it’d be useful to stake claim to a weekend.

Hope you can make again. Feel free to post suggestions here or on the blog -


I will be there.

Thanks for the early post.

Any other details on this event other than the dates?

It doesn’t look like there’s been much activity on the blog. The most important being the best place for lodging, or at least the place where everyone else will be lodging. I’ve never been to this event or the trails near Asheville so I’m not at all familiar with the area, I’d hate to opt for a campsite or hotel that’s still an hour away from where people are planning to ride.


I’m actually moving to Asheville in August from California (but I grew up there so I know the area). I’ll hopefully be able to make the weekend. Looking forward to meeting locals and other South East Riders! Excited for updates.

and jbtilley I’ve never been but from what I’ve seen of the past few roundups Bent Creek Experimental Forest near lake Powhatan (and the campground there) tend to be hot spots. I mean, don’t make any reservations because I’m not planning the thing nor have I ever been, but Bent Creek is a frequently used place for good rides.

Red Roof Inn West

Last year I stayed at the Red Roof Inn West in Asheville. It was super close to Bent Creek. I had no issues getting around, either going to Bent Creek or meeting in town for pizza Saturday night.

I just booked a room for $59 per night via AAA; $65 per night with no discount.

It’s not fancy… It’s more of a working man’s place to crash. There’s some trucks and service vehicles where workers are staying the night. It does have a tub to soak the legs after a long day in the woods… and AC!

Asheville hotels are fairly expensive; except this one.

There’s also an IHOP and a Crackel Barrel within walking distance.


Well, my son and a couple buddies are back into riding, so I may bring a contingent, just as long as the kids don’t have a band competition on the same weekend…

So, is anyone interested in renting a vacation house for the weekend? This would be much nicer than a hotel, shared costs could be quite low, we just need to get a group together.

We may also get some distance travelers, Bert (UPD in Utah) from SLC may join us :slight_smile:

@Munkmunk, give me a hollar when you get moved, I am more than happy to drive over to Ashville and meet for a ride, esp if you want to do some big wheel riding at Bent Creek !

@Nurse Ben, sounds good. the biggest wheel I got is 29er.

I have my own housing in Aville but in case ya’ll didn’t know:

there’s a house near bent creek rented out by Liberty Bicycles (a local b*ke) shop. Its a 3 night minimum and the rates are for 5 people. the house is IN Bent Creek.
Here’s a link:

another decent option is Willow Winds Cabins–they’re a 10-15 minute drive from bent creek. Nice cabins without being remote (jacuzzis, etc)

just thought I’d let people know what I know

Round up

Hi all

Great to have the interest again in the 8th annual Asheville gathering. We’re discussing details and options and will have more details and update the blog by mid July.


I just made an inquiry on the Trails End house, two night rental, check in Friday the 27th, check out Sunday the 29th.

We will have two adults and two teens, possibly a fifth if Bert flies in from SLC. The max is nine people, an additional fee of $15 per person over five people, so we will have four or five spaces if it is available.

I’ll post once I get a response from the owner.

If the house is taken, then we’ll explore other housing options. We are not going to camp because it will rain and we no longer have a camper.

Hoping to…

UPD in Utah is definitely hoping to join in the fun at Asheville this Fall. I’ve just gotta work out my visits with family in VA, NC, SC & WV before/after the event.

I’m hoping that maybe Minimag, PaxUni, and J.B.Tilley can make it too.

Meanwhile, I’m wishing for some cooler weather out here in SLC. This multiple days in the 100’s stuff takes it out of you. (Time to move North?)

Hope to see y’all this Fall in Asheville.


UPD in Utah

pax won’t be able to make it since I have my annual business trip the week before to Pensacola and will be playing catch-up. Shame since this was something I’d really liked to have been part off.

(The typo on Claude’s forum name is amusing- or was it deliberate? ; )

Bert, I might be in SLC early August as I drive back from California with Mrs pax after dropping off baby girl pax at UCLA. As our plans shape up I’ll contact you off-line. It would be great to ride with you in Utah if we can make it happen- I’d need a loaner since space in the car will be tight.


Nice one Bert! :thinking:

The trails end house is available, so I need a couple others before I make the reservation…


mUnimag, got it. :wink:

After watching you and Ben roll trails on your 36ers at Douthat (mid-Atlantic Muni Fest) last year, “Minimag” somehow just doesn’t quite work. (Must have been a fast & furious typing typo, since it wasn’t a phat phinger phone typo.)

Leave it to Pax to point out the irony. :roll_eyes:

Bummer that Pax can’t make Asheville, but good that he & I might ride here in Utah in August … assuming we (and our aluminum frame unis) don’t melt before then.

I’m hoping you can make to Asheville though, Claude. I know it’s a bit of a drive, but the D.C. Uni Congress can carpool it, or maybe rent a fun bus.

Looking forward to that cool North Carolina air.


I don’t know yet whether I will be able to make this one.

Hey gang, I’d really like to do a group rental for the Trails End House, but I need a couple more folks to pitch in. I think it’s going to go fast if we don’t act, sooooooo who’s in?

Jessica and I are planning to attend but are going to camp at Lake Powhatan. Stayed there last Fall, nice campground adjacent to the lake and a lot of trails.

I have a house in Asheville near bent creek, so I don’t think I’ll be staying anywhere but there. for those of you that are traveling, the house does sound like a rad option. Wish I could help Nurse Ben but glad you’ve gotten something started wtih them