2012 Tour of San Francisco?

Coming up soon, what’s happening with this? I’m going to try and make it, we’ll see.

Start with a visit to your friendly neighborhood Google:

The tour is probably always held on the weekend after Labor Day, to coincide with Gary Kanauch’s birthday. It’s his birthday unicycling event. This year the tour will be on Sunday, Sept. 9. I’ll be there. :slight_smile:

I’ll be there too. Hell yeah!! Can’t wait to climb some hills.


Count me in.


Hey John Foss, I read that there is is about 3,000 feet of climbing. I’m guessing that includes some of the steepest streets that San Fran is known for? If so, that would make for some super challenging climbs, especially on a 36er, but Looks like a fun ride!

I will be there too

Yes, but not as steep as that crazy street of yours down there. :slight_smile: You should come up and do the ride with us! It’s an all-day ride at an easy pace with lots of stops, and you can always skip the big hills if you don’t feel up to it (speaking for other unicyclists out there–not implying anything). If I get some regular morning rides in, I’ll be able to roll all the climbs like I did last year…

I am gonna plan on making it, but I have to convince the wife since that weekend is my 18th anniversary and I have to catch a flight on monday. John maybe we can carpool again.

I haven’t had a dose of weird in a while… time to visit SF!

Is there a plan for the tour this year? Where will people meet?

I do not expect to make it, but it would be fun.


Hey guys, I am not too far from SF, from Fresno actually… when is this tour? Does anyone have any specific details for it? I sadly have yet to ride with ANY other unicyclist! I’d love to take my Coker

Scroll up to see a link to the event website. Details are there. Y’all should come on down (or up)! Jess Riegel will be carpoolin down with Daytripper and me.

Thanks for the quick reply! Really appreciate it, sorry for skimming the thread and missing the link! Man i really wish i would have found out about this even a week ago… I work at 5 pm this Sunday, I am debating calling in to work but i just started this new job 2 weeks ago :frowning: Do you guys get together any other times to ride? I am dying to ride with other people, i enjoy it so much but it has been pretty lonely

Sad I couldn’t make it. :frowning:

Hope everyone has a fun and safe ride today!!!