2012 LA Marathon 3am ride is coming up... 3/18/11

Finally coming up for some much needed wheel. Put about 15 miles on my 36’er last weekend… first ride with my new 2-month old left knee.

Anyhow… on to the important stuff. I will be riding the LA Marathon course again this year on March 18th. There were three of us last year and I hope to get many more out there this year. For starters, Scott Ttocs and Peter (pfalvi), are you guys up for it again? Oh yeah… and DaveyKim! Howzabout that beautiful new 36’er of yours?

It’s a one-way course… Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica Pier (36 or geared recommended). Last year they did a “rollback” to the actual marathon start area then rode the course so it was about 30 miles. And maybe it WON’T rain on us this year… lol.

For this event, carpooling works best. Last year we used 2 cars, left one at the end of the course and the other at the start, and it was easy to navigate to the start while avoiding the marathon traffic crunch. PM me and we’ll coordinate.

CLICK HERE for the facebook event page to learn all about it!

hey david! glad to hear your knee is doing well!
I have saved the date on my planner. I want to do it and will try my best to plan accordingly. My only concern is that that is the Sunday before my finals week at school so depending on what academic commitments come up, i may or may not be able to go. However, right now I am a yes! :slight_smile:

Beautiful… I’ll hope to see you there Davey.

Correction… 3/18/12!

I originally dated this “3/18/11” but of course, the LA Marathon Crash Ride is 3/18/12. Hope to see you there! Connect with me via PM if you want to take part in carpooling. This event is not “round trip” but point-to-point.