2012 Asheville MUni Round-UP Sept, 29-30

Back by the popular demand is the 6th annual MUni gathering in Asheville, NC. Formerly known as the Asheville MUni Fest, the new name - the Asheville MUni Round-Up - reflects a new direction for the gathering. This year will have a little less “fest” and a lot more riding. Hope to see you there!

Dates: Sept. 29-30
Location: Asheville, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Check out more details at my blog: ashevillemountainunicycle.wordpress.com

Many a weed will be killed. I’d like to do this, I’ll have to check my schedule when the time gets closer -

I am already trying to make arrangements for this trip.

Will Be There

As definite as things go, I will be there. I’ve already researched the hotels relative to the site. (Sorry, I don’t see myself riding the trails all day then camping out at night)

More importantly, it’s on my calendar with the boss’s approval.

That date works for me, I look forward to riding in this fun event!

Camping is definitely not a requirement, in fact, there won’t be any planned activities at a campsite. On my blog I’ve suggested a few hotel options/camping options and a tentative ride itinerary - however, staying anywhere in Asheville will set you in a central local for all rides. Make sure you check the Round-Up web-site/my blog for more info. ashevillemountainunicycle.wordpress.com

Is anyone interested in booking the Luhn House at Bent Creek Lodge? It’s $350 per night (2 night minimum) but if we could get 4 or 5 people to pitch in, it would be reasonable. Many of the other rooms at Bent Creek are booked that weekend. Whoever puts up the deposit ($250) gets the Master Bedroom. I don’t need anything that fancy but it does seem like a really nice place to stay. You only live once (YOLO) so you had might as well seize the day. Plus, just think how much nicer we will smell than those hard core blokes who camp out. Anyway, just a thought. If you are interested, let me know.

Hey David,

That is a very nice place to stay, and we’d consider joining you there, but I don’t think I can stay two nights (fri, sat) because I’m leaving for the California Munifest on Sunday morning.

I am thinking about coming over on Friday afternoon and staying until Saturday afternoon, assuming I get packed for the big trip.

I would love to go but i have to chose between this and NYC unifest

Hey all! I have a couple questions I was hoping could be answered:

  1. How in-shape should I be for this? I don’t normally ride muni but I usually hop around on stuff for over an hour almost every day.
  2. Can I borrow a uni from someone? I only have a 20" and I tried a 5-mile bike parade with it and swore never to repeat the experience.
  3. Will there be any trials-esque kind of things? It’d be fun to try and hop on/off stuff with other people.




If I come over for Fri-Sat, so you can use my spare 24 muni

Jeni -

There will almost certainly be an extra 24 inch Muni around. I’d probably count on that. I’ll post something on the blog to make sure there are a few extras.

Regarding your skill level: we always have a huge range of riders and welcome folks who are just getting rolling. I’m certain you’ll find a handful of riders that you’re comfortable with. The breakdown of the festival will be to do two scheduled rides on Saturday and one on Sunday. The exact rides will depend on the number of folks planning to come and the array of skills. There is no ride scheduled for Friday, although I would encourage folks to get out if they’d like to get in another ride. The plan for Friday is to informally gather at my home in Asheville for a BYO food and beverage cookout. I live directly across from a school which is a perfect spot for trials, riding giraffes, etc…

Make sure you check out the blog - I’ll be unrolling more details as we get closer.


Awesome sauce! I’ll be seeing you guys there, then. Thanks!

Great Jeni -

I think you’ll have a great time - look forward to meeting you -


NYC would be a tough one to pass up, but would love to have you in Asheville! Let us know what you decide.

1 Mo Person and we Break Even

David, I’ve poked around at standard hotel rates (Hampton, Fairfield, etc)… we break even if we have 3 people in on the Luhn House, and it is STILL available.

Of course, we could always find a shower in a local gym for $10, haha.

Just as a thought for lodging bargain hunters in Asheville: you might consider a hostel near my home. Here’s the link:


That would put you in 15 minute striking distance to our Saturday morning ride at Bent Creek.

Bumping this thread again to see if we can get a couple more people to share the cost ($350 per night. 2 night minimum) of the Luhn House. If I don’t hear anything by the end of the week, I’m going to reserve a bunk at the Hostel (see link above). If someone wants to go ahead and reserve the Luhn House I can guarantee you that I will pitch-in up to a 3rd of the cost. If not, it’s no big deal. There is always 2013.

I’'ll be going, but not sure yet if I’ll come solo or with the Family, which will affect my housing choice.

families are welcome!

Folks -

All families are welcome at the Asheville MUni Round-up! My nine year-old will be on the trail as well as some of the other youngsters that have been coming to the festival over the past few years. If you have non-riders in your family please have them come too - plenty to do in the Asheville area!