2012/2013 Torker dx questions

Ive been looking at getting a 24 inch torker dx and had i couple of questions that I couldnt find the answer to.

1st question: How comfortable is the seat? The dx has gone through a couple different seats over the years ,so I was wondering what the most recent one was like.
2nd question: Does the seat have the standard post bolt pattern? (just in case I want to change it to a kh seat in the future)
3rd, How strong is the rim, hub, and cranks? Just curious if anyone has broken any parts (mainly in the wheelset).
4th, Does the stock Kenda Kinetics work as a good Muni tire ,and is it fairly easy to find and replace?
5th, If I replacing the tire, will the duro leopard fit with decent clearance? (if I decide to not get another Kenda)
:thinking: :thinking:
I know there are some other forums with similar topics, but the most recent one I could find was from 2010. Any help to answer my questions is appreciated.

The seat is a velocity it sucks
the seat post will fit a kh seat
The hub and rim are super strong! The cranks are iffy
The kenda kenetics is ok the Duro is better and will fit, I recomend getting a nimbus instead

I have a 2011, not sure what the changes are, but mine had some really serious quality control type issues; I wouldn’t buy one unless I could get it easily replaced if it’s defective.

  • spindle threading was out of spec relative to the crank bolts, which stripped out at a super low torque.
  • which resulted in ruining the cranks
  • wheel build was horrible, half the spokes went slack the first time I went offroad. Maybe there was a lot of windup that worked its way loose.
  • seat post was mis-sized relative to the seat tube, and I never got it to stay in place until I used a beer can shim.

I eventually replaced the hub and cranks, built the new wheel up myself, replaced the seat with a KH and the seatpost with a Nimbus, and lived happily ever after. But most of it’s not really a Torker anymore.

I had a 2007 dx and had some issues that were imposible to get over in the end so like i said get a nimbus

Thanks for the imput, I was thinking about getting the nimbus also, so since it sounds like the torkers bad, ill just get that instead