2011 Torker lx 26"

After looking and spending a lot of time over the last few weeks looking at the current offerings I’ve gone with the Torker LX 26. It is a 2011 model that I found for 127.00 with free shipping. I have a 30 day return option as well.

I enjoy getting out on the road and doing some distance rides, but still like to have a bit of performance for light freestyle. I’ve always ridden a 24" in the past and have put lots of miles on that size of tire, but I’m looking forward to the 26"

My youngest is 14 and she has expressed that she might like to learn to ride as well. A nice 20" would be perfect for her as she is a bit smaller to begin with. If she is serious then It is a good excuse to get the LX PRO, and let her ride that.

I seriously considered the LX PRO just for the build quality, but for the riding I like to do the LX seems as though it will do just fine. I use my gear, but don’t abuse it. The added wheel size of the 26 will be put good use on the roads.

I’ll do a full review on arrival.

I thought hard about this purchase last night, and changed my order to the LX Pro. I really want to put together a road cruiser that offers the ability to change parts as I see fit, and the LX 26 is just not that ride. The club 26 at UDC seems like a good platform to look at.

The frame on the Club as well as basic components seem pretty decent.

I’m really looking forward to having a ride again, and gettting my skills back up to speed. I’ve got a great driveway to get my coasting skills back. Never really thought about wheel walking, but that seems like a skill I should have in my bag.

If I had the choice between an LX and an LX Pro I would go with the Pro. There are some subtle differences that won’t be noticed by many people but should server you well in the long run. As long as you are doing any serious drops or hard-core Muni the wheel should hold up.

No serious Muni at this time. I’ll use this ride to get my former skills back to full speed, and move into more advanced riding.

I’ve been away from Uni for too many years. When I started looking at the nfet I was pretty blown away by how much the sport has grown. Back in the 70, and 80’s hitting bike shops trying to find even a new seat was an act of frustration. Now there are parts everywhere.

I’m looking forward to getting back into this

The 20" LX Pro sounds like it’d be small and slow for what you want to do.

It would be good for doing tricks though. Drops would be dependent on if the rim was upgraded to double wall (I can’t find anything reffering to this).

As I mentioned, I’ll use this to get my skills back up to speed, and I’ll get a different ride than the Torker 26.

I’m already planning the next buy.

I’ve got the new ride, and have the setup pretty much dialed in. I have not had all that much time this past few days to just play around with it. I’ve been pretty busy with work, and household matters that need attention.

Overall, my impression is that it is a decent ride from a quality standpoint, but nothing spectacular. It should serve it’s purpose well enough. Some of the low points from a quality standpoint.

The frame welds are not very clean. The beads are inconsistent. The top frame cap appears to be ever so slightly out of square with the legs. Nothing drastic and everything lines up square in the end result between wheel and seat. The wheel rotates correctly in the frame, so it s not any big issue.

The big change I notice going to a 20" wheel from my 24’s is the speed of reaction to control inputs. I’ll need to adjust my riding quite a bit. It’s also been about a decade since I did any riding. Once I can spend some time just riding eveyday I’m sure things will get better and I’ll smooth things out.

Way to go…’’ quote …already planning the next buy :smiley:


( now for the shameless plug…:p. I’ve put a vid in the ‘learning jounal thread’ of moi and my 26" udc freestyle…might be worth a look)


sorry, thought it was a 26" you were planning on getting. Got my threads crossed .

You didn’t get them crossed. I had originally ordered a LX 26, but switched the next day to the LX Pro.