2011 October [flat] Marcell Pataki

enjoi ;D

Crazy combos!

sooooooo nice video marci <3

hehe thanks everyone :smiley: michi <3 hahahaha :smiley:

and UniHopper whats your real name? do you have facebook :thinking:

Marcell, you are my favorite. I seriously love everything about your riding. The crankidle to 270 side was so cool looking! :open_mouth: I don’t know why but I love it so much. You’re getting so freaking good my friend. I LOVED it (: at 1:34 I thought you were smoking a cigarette xD

I agree with colby i love you style so much and your improving so fast its amazing!!! your 540 on tyre was insanely clean too!!! :smiley: sick video man!!

Crazy Marcell! 5 on tire was sikc!

haha thanks so much Colby :DD it means a lot for me!! haha about the cigaret when i watched the clip i also stopped and said wtf hahah but its just the laces of my hoody ;DD

thanks a lot Daniel Wade ;DD

thanks casper you should also land it ;D

Marcell!!! :open_mouth: freaking insane combos, I loved every clip. even though you told me about your 5 on wheel I still yelled when I saw it, you’re SO good! See you at unicon :smiley:

dude that was awesome! every trick was great!

wow thanks everyone, Julia yep c u at unicon ;D
thanks uniboyle ^^

Love it! Your style is sick! 540 on tire and combo’s were all good man, want to see more! :smiley:

+1 I’ve always thought what your name really was :stuck_out_tongue: And it could be cool to know it, so we can call you be your real name instead Unihopper :slight_smile: If Unihopper ain’t your real name? :stuck_out_tongue:

Did Clark Kent ever tell anyone he was Superman? Haha.

But you’re not Superman :wink:

but hes super good!!! ;D

Well should we then call him “Supergood” ? And then just let his name stay as a mystery? :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, since I’m not Superman, and I’m not trying to save the world, I suppose I can tell you that my name is Dan.

Are you Dan Heaton? :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT: Too young probably :stuck_out_tongue: BUt I can’t find you on FaceBook :frowning: Do you even have FB?