2011 North American Unicycling Convention and Championships July 23-30 in Madison, WI

Madison, Wisconsin and the Madison Unicyclists will host the Unicycling Society of America’s 2011 North American Unicycling Convention and Championships from July 23 – 30. Madison has been ranked as one of the Top 10 cycling cities in the US, so come see what the hype is all about!

Early-bird Registration for NAUCC 2011 ends April 30th!
The early-bird registration prices end April 30th so make sure to register and pay before May for the best price. Register here

The website contains information on schedule of events, accommodation options, Madison WI, workshops, locations of events, and competition specific pages (under development).

The event welcomes participation from beginner to expert riders in convention activities including workshops on riding, officiating and more, fun events and competitions. Stay tuned for more details, or subscribe to the Facebook Page.

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