2011 Asheville MUni Fest

Thanks Josh for making this wonderful video of our 2010 Asheville MUni Fest. Come ride with us!


I generally don’t like muni movies but this one was really nice :slight_smile:

Fine, big time!!

I attended this Muni fest last year with my two sons (8 and 13 at that time).
Honestly, I had some reluctance. They were school gym club riders , but loved the idea of MUni. I paid the fees and set out to camp and support them- and i did not uni at the time.
Then, serious magic happened.
The crowd of people from the Muni community are simply the best.
They were from all over, all skill levels, and all ages.
These folks mentored, inspired and challenged us, while treating us to one really fine big time weekend.
Well, as you might guess, we muni a bunch now. i can almost “kill” some not too deep mulched areas. My sons are doing quite alright with it.
And the beloved trails that I loved as a mountain biker, and trail runner, are now seen through the eyes of muni-ers.
The group camp, Pisgah Forest, and trails are all spectacular.
If you even think you might like it, please come!
Hope to see you there,

Asheville MUni Fest Rocks!

I attended last year and found a supportive unicyclist community catering to varied interests and skills. The food was fabulous, the hosts were creative (so many awards given around the campfire), the activities numerous, and the mountain terrain superb! I can’t wait to ride at this year’s festival!! A MUST for any level of MUni rider!

A Fun Event!

Again, this is a great festival!

2011 Asheville Muni Fest

Hey BenNC, had a great time riding with you and the other 4 unicyclists at The Black Bear Rampage. Of course I didn’t get to ride with you too much, 'cause you and Jeff were too fast for me. I need to work on my muni skills.

I definitely plan on making it to the Muni Fest Oct28th-Oct30th. The only way I’d miss it is if I can’t get off work from the new job I might have…

Anyway, it looks like some great terrain, and I’d like getting to meet more unicyclists too.