2011 36" Nimbus Impulse w/ disc brake

Hello all! Its been quite a while since I was on this site, nice to see that community is still rockin’!
Also I apologize for the temporary lack of pictures, but I will upload some soon.

Anyways, I am selling my 36" nimbus impulse that I purchased from Unicycle.com in 2011. Specs are as follows:

Frame/wheel: 36" Nimbus impulse
Disc Brake: Bengal Hydraulic
Cranks: KH dual (125/150mm)
Saddle: KH fusion freeride

Additional info can be found on this product release link I managed to find for all the stock parts.
The wheel has recently been trued and tensioned. There is less than 500km on the unicycle, so the only damage is just the standard cosmetic damage to the handles and pedals.

It will be getting shipped from Calgary, AB.
Asking price is 600 CAD or 450 USD, Buyer pays shipping.

Impulse 36?

I know you probably don’t want to but by chance, would you be willing to part out the uni? I would be interested in the wheel and disk brake?

It looks like someone else is in the trading post is looking for the cranks, so if someone really wants the frame Ill think about it haha, but I would really rather sell it whole. I suspect Ill be sitting on the frame for a while. Also are you aware that the wheels has wider spacing at the bearings? Its 128mm as opposed to the standard 100mm. Something to double check for your build.



I would be putting the wheel on an Oracle frame so the 128mm is good.

You mentioned something about some pictures. It might generate some interest.

Im having trouble uploading images, so I hope it is not frowned upon if I list my add for this from pinkbike. I have all the images uploaded on there in high quality. I will upload them here if I can figure out how to rescale the images to fit in the 800x800 frame parameters. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hmm, how much to ship to A1W5X3. (NL)
Am just headed out camping for long weekend but will try and check back!

I sent you a PM

Injecting pics :wink:

Thanks man! I really appreciate that!

Bump! Still for sale :slight_smile:

Im lowering the price to 525$ CAD or 400$ USD plus shipping.


I am interested in purchasing this 36er would you sell it without the disc brake?
Also how is the condition?
and would you ship the uni or do I need to pick it up? If it is shipping how much would shipping cost?

I sent you a PM

I’m interested in the whole uni! Would you ship it to Europe?

I sent you a PM too. Cheers!