2010 Video Awards Finals

Anyone with a clip of the 1080º sidespin and the 10 set blunt ?

1080 sidespin doesnt exist on video hence why i early said to ignore it. 10 set blunt is at the end of this:

as for Krisz’s video, my bad again. i figured people would be smart enough to check the dates themselves or know the trick is actually on video before nominating it, but i was wrong -_- sorry about that guys, ill check everything out beforehand next time.

Just remember people as a whole are not smart. Individual people are smart. But for group projects you will always have an idiot. A good rule with more than one person is, they are dumb.
Again I thought it was a great idea. Fun to do. Thanks for putting it up.

my new favorite vid.

Lol Mikes the idiot

lol so it was. miiiiiiiiiike -_-