2010 Video Awards Finals

Here are the final voting polls. Now I’ve never used this site before, if its crap or doesn’t work, blame Tim. Also don’t shoot me for making a new thread, the other one was just all cluttered and I thought a nice clean new thread would be good for the Finals.

Best Street Video:

Best Flat Video:

Best Trial Video:

Best All-Round Video:

Best Filming:

Best Edit:

Best Trick:

Goodluck to all of the Nominees :slight_smile:

Do you know where I can see this 1080 sidespin on video?

There’s no video of it :roll_eyes:

Gah I should’ve nominated my full inward anti backside varial quad flip. Darn.


then it shouldnt really be there since this is video awards! haha

How long will the polls be up for?

til 00:01 on thursday the 23rd AEST time.

or my 37 set 180 blunt backslide on a round rail.

but seriously, its not on video? i just presumed it was if people nominated it. im taking it off then. sorry bout that guys, i shouldve looked for it aye :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: cant. everyone just ignore it. sorry adrien and everyone who voted for it but it does kind of need to be on video

Where’s the video of Tim Desmet’s no-handed 360 unispin? I’ve seen his no-handed 180 unispin, but not the 360.



i want change my vote in the trial part

my vote go for citro:

one of the bests videos that i see ever!

yea, um, you’re a bit too late. nominations closed a couple of days ago

And that is why it makes sense to hold nominations and finals for 2010 UVAs while it is still 2010-because 2010 is over, and no one posts videos in December.
Maybe next year this will have better execution.

well i figured a lot of people would be away on holidays soon and wouldnt have access to internet so i just thought i would do it now. i geuss doing it in january might have been a better idea but oh well, not like its official or anything, just a bit of fun

[QUOTE=Isaac Conyers;1415043…not like its official or anything, just a bit of fun[/QUOTE]

Totally… and I cant wait to see the results.

where can I see Krisz Kovacs - Itt akkezdet ??


I have never see that video but he is freaking sick. :astonished:
Al that combo’s where just awesome!

Yeah that’s krisz for you. I just wish he looked a little more clean. Other than that I would say he is potentially one of the top 5 riders when it comes to actual ability.

Isaac, if you do this again you might want to check some things before you actually post them. The Krisz video is dated Nov 2 2009. I may be wrong but that doesn’t sound like it should be part of the poll. That is from what I can see 8% of your votes misplaced…

Just some thoughts for next year. Great idea for this year. I’m still anxious for the overall winners.