2010 Torker DX Review

I am thinking about getting the 2010 Torker DX but I have a couple questions.
1st is the hub and cranks upgradeable?
2nd how strong are the hub and cranks that come with them strong enough for 5 ft jump?

the dx is a great uni…

though it is isis, i’m not sure what a keyway is…and that’s what it says it has. if that doesn’t matter, then kh cranks will work(or any other isis cranks).

it’s heavy, if ya care.

the hub and cranks are probably the strongest part of it…definitely will withstand 5ft drops or whatever…especially being 48 spoke.

My friend Josh Siebold, is a Torker sponsored rider and I’ve assembled more than my fair share of the DX anyway. It’s a good sturdy unicycle, and feels pretty close to the weight of a Nimbus trials unicycle now. The wheel set is pretty strong Josh regularly does 6+ foot drops(drop/gaps) with his. It is a standard ISIS hub/crankset so you should be able to swap the cranks out if you really wanted to but the hub is a 48 spoke so if you want to swap that too you’d have to buy a new rim as well. The cranks seem good and solid so I don’t see a reason to upgrade them in the first place. Overall it’s a very good unicycle for the money.

Thanks all for the help. It helped alot!!

can you answer a question about the cranks…

on the inside of the right crank arm, is there a threaded hole?

I’m sorry but I don’t understand your question. I have never seen a threaded hole on the inside of any crank arm. maybe try to describe a little more?