2010 Schlumpf KH 29er: $1600

$1600 plus shipping in the USA

KH29 Schlumpf unicycle for sale (hub #359 purchased back in 2010 and built up with 125/150 KH cranks, KH29 wide rim, Surly Knard tire and Magura HS33 rim brakes in KH blue).

Unicycle is still like new and might have around 200 miles on it. And since I’ve only ridden this on the road in high gear, its never been ridden in low gear or even shifted on the fly- ever. No UPDs either. Check out the pics of pedals and cranks, etc. Everything is still like new.

The frame is the later version of KH 29’er frame that allows the use of wide Knard 29er tires and disc brakes. Three cross Sapim strong 14 ga black stainless single butted spokes with brass nipples. Nice even tension, spoke wind up controlled with reference marks (thats the orange paint line). Wheel built by me.

The seat-post, saddle and custom handle bar are kind of a single unit and they are included with the uni- but if its not your cup of tea, you can buy the unicycle without the post, saddle and handle bar.

Includes original receipts, owners manual, special tools, extra spokes and several tubes of extra Schlumpf grease.

Le me know if you want to see different pics or have questions. The Price is $1600 plus around $50 to ship in the US. Paypal is best for me. If you are interested, message me and I’ll get a more exact shipping quote. I’ll pack and box this so it will arrive in the same condition its in now.

Note that I also have this listed on ebay and its $100 more on ebay to cover their fees. I’d rather sell it here. This is the link on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/153277821113

You can email me directly at uniflasher@gmail.com or text/call at 503-358-2252.

PS: sorry about the smallish pics. I posted on here. Happy to send larger images to you directly if you want more.













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Its sold and on its way to the east coast

Its sold and on its way to the east coast