2010 Magura HS33 white special edition brakes, new

2010 Magura HS33 white special edition brakes, new

I found this stash of the last special edition HS33 brakes Magura made in 2010 before switching over to the new 2011 style lever. These lever blades are compatible with the KH Spooner.

These are $95/per wheel. They come set up with black brake pads and whatever line length (I can calculate line length for you if you want me to), and longer 10" crossover tube that is needed for unicycle mounting, bled and tested for leaks and function. Each brake comes with some assorted Factory Magura stickers as well. Magura four bolt brake mounts not included. but available separately from me. (Note: The black Magura evolution mounts shown in the photos are for bikes and are not usable for unicycles)

This brake will fit on any Kris Holm unicycle: 20, 24, 29 and 36 or any brand of unicycle (Hunter, Nimbus, etc) that comes with dedicated four-bolt Magura mounts that look like this: http://www.inspiredbicycles.com/imag...own-mounts.jpg
You will need Magura four bolt mounts like this (I have a few sets of these too): http://www.unicycle.com/unicycle-har…-brackets.html
You will also need a place to mount your brake lever under the saddle like this: http://www.unicycle.com/unicycle-har...yle-seats.html

Paypal works best for me, but money orders are also ok. My paypal address is: uniflasher@hotmail.com. Shipping will be $8 for USPS Priority Mail shipping in the US (2-3 days) and $13 for first class shipping to Canada (7-9 days). I ship the day after I receive funds.

Bleeding hydraulic brakes is messy and no fun - and so you won’t have to deal with fluid leaks, after I assemble and bleed them with fresh Magura blue blood, I test them all for leaks by putting the wheel cylinders into a custom test jig that I made. There, I’ll cycle the brake pistons under full power to check for proper function and leaks without having to bolt them up to a unicycle frame.

E-mail me if you want something different or digital pictures of something in particular. I also have a good selection of less expensive nice used HS33 and HS22 brakes and several of my HS33/HS22 hybrid “franken-brakes” for 36” wheels too.

BTW, I also have these available separately:

  • New Magura four bolt mounts with stainless hardware are $15/per wheel for used and $20/per wheel for new
  • Magura rim brake bleed kits are $22
  • Other parts and supplies for Magura rim brakes



Still have lots of new and used Magura unicycle brakes