2010 lx 20 review

The torker lx 20 is a pretty good unicycle. The only problems are that the wheel is single wall and bends easily. Also it doesnt have ISIS hub. Some good upgrades for it are metal pedals, and a maxxis holly roller tire. I would definetly recomend it if you want to try trials but dont want to pay alot for a trials uni. Also the new crome and red colors are very atractive

The frame is upgraded from last year, but yeah it’s gonna bend like a noodle if you try to do trials.

The LX Pro has ISIS. It’s getting complicated knowing exactly which model you are getting, ordering must be precise. The same is true of KH equipment.

The LX pro is a ripoff, it still has a single-wall rim.

People who do trials on a freestyle uni are taking their lives into their own hands. Expecting trials performance from gear that is not designed for it is a death wish. :frowning:

Say what you want but its not the unicycle that makes the unicyclist. Its the unicyclist who makes the unicycle

I just received my Long Torker LX Pro. 48 Spoke wheel, Isis crank arms and BB spindle, deluxe padded seat, cool pearl paint color. I also bought a Gusset Pimp white tire that I will be installing today. Then I will assemble the unicycle and give it a go. Seems to be a good buy at $199 total to the door. Say what you want but seems like a value to me even if you have to do upgrades later.

A lot depends on your weight and talent

I think these cheap-light new Torkers will be great for light riders, or those who aren’t so hard on the gear. Not everyone needs the strength or cost of a KH.