2010 lx 20 for sale

Hello i have a 2010 torker lx 20 for sale. I have some money into this unicycle and made it really nice. it is kinda set up for begginer trials. i will sell it with these things on it, wellgo comp pedals, maxxis holy roller tire, and the rest is the torker setup.

If you want i have a specialized tire also

the unicycle make an offer, those are the welgo pedals. and the specialized tire is for sale seporate




make me an offer

I’m interested but I live in Ireland so I was wondering how much shipping would cost before I decide to make an offer

that is a problem i dont know how much it would be

is the hub twisted?

Maybe if you tell me th weight of the unicycle I :sunglasses: can see how much it is.

Also is the hub twisted and if so please tell me.

The hub and cranks are not twisted its just the way the unicycle is leaning

Cool, thanks.